Long Qianfei, when he heard this broken bird, made a little sense. The tiger’s head readily replied, "Good!"

Zhu Garuda continued to laugh. "So you and I both make our strongest move?"
"good! But don’t blame me if the sword eye is injured! "
Long Qianfei said
"You can rest assured that you are not dead. How can I be willing to die!"
Zhu Garuda took back the machete. The flaming wind knife was in his hand. He gently touched the sharp blade of the machete and seemed to mutter, "This flaming wind knife has been with me for just over ten years. I seldom make it because it is not very helpful to me. Anyway, it rarely appears in front of the world because it attacks too hard and deadly. I was worried that it would hurt and cut Moro. Today, the flaming wind knife has opened my eyes because I know it will fight with you.
"I don’t think so."
Long Qianfei disdained to look at those small machetes. She didn’t believe what threat it could bring. Who are you scaring?
Moro was puzzled. "What’s wrong with the flaming wind knife?"
Kinnara mysterious smile in the illusion of hidden banned "brother, do you know what is the small blade in the fire inflammation wind knife? Chapter 894 Long Qianfei 5.
I don’t know!
Moro gawk back.
Kinnara hooked his lips faintly and explained, "I heard Master Jiang say that it seems that it is rare to see the ore in Longpan Curie for a thousand years, so Master Jiang just made it into a knife shape and added Longpan teeth, so the blade can be said to be indestructible! Even father’s strongest attack blade root will not break. "
"It seems that you still have a certain understanding of the fire-burning air knife."
Moro is a little unhappy. Third Sister knows more than he does. It’s unfair.
Kinnara a proud sample "that is a must! You are your third sister, older than you, and of course you know more than you do. "
Moro glanced at Kinnara and knew what she was thinking.
It’s just complacency!
"Long Qianfei, please take it. This is the most powerful blow now!"
Zhu Garuda was covered in black light, and the flaming wind knife in his hand suddenly changed from a fan to a broken handfuls of machetes.
Zhu Garuda said calmly, "There is a wave of fire-burning quick wind knife attacks, and the second wave of attacks is a combination of my phoenix fan, grain, spear and spear."
Long Qian Fei one leng suddenly white Zhu Garuda is telling him that although there is a trick to attack, there are two waves of attacks.
"I know! Please start! "
Long Qianfei’s face became dignified. She knew very well that the attack power of different weapons was not one plus one but one plus two. What he could do was to try not to hurt himself again.
Although he was injured once, that guy Zhu Garuda hasn’t recovered until now!
I have been in bed for half a year, but for Hu Qianrou’s sudden appearance, I am afraid that both of them will continue to fight and die.
The small machete floating in the middle slowly solidified into a long bird’s blade, and when the bird’s figure slowly became clear, Moro and Kinnara exclaimed, "Is it a phoenix with wind attributes?" !”
Phoenix Tang Luoling a line of people feel a little surprised.
Phoenix is the king of birds in charge of birds and beasts in the sky.
In the middle of the movie, the phoenix has a commanding eye and looks at Jinlong’s long wings flapping back and forth gently and its long tail is automatically condensed with its ability. It is so beautiful, but its body exudes the deterrent of being born as a king.
The phoenix, which came into being, did not retreat. On the contrary, it held its head high and sang in the air, and its body slowly turned into Fengming.
Long Qianfei is not to be outdone, but back to sing Fengming and Long Yin each accounts for half of the country.
Summer Hou suddenly said, "Is it a dragon and a phoenix fight?"
YunSu beside nodded "even if not also want to send a few"
Tang Luoling chuckled, "It’s bound to hurt both dragons and phoenixes to compete."
She does think that they are fighting the so-called fairy fights. Is it anything to do with them? Just watch the play!
Long Qianfei suddenly moved a huge tail-sweeping dragon to form a hemispheric energy shield, which directly enveloped Zhu Garuda and the flaming wind knife. In fact, it belonged to its dragon king realm.
The strength of all enemies in the Dragon King’s territory has been halved, but the strength of the enemy has increased by 50%; Another function is the anti-895 Chapter 895 Dragon King Realm 1.
The strength of all enemies in the Dragon King’s territory has been halved, but the strength of the enemy has increased by 50%; Another function is rebound.
Damn it, the rebound is as powerful as your attack
Zhu Jialou, I bite my teeth, and the wind knife is the strongest attack. The phoenix dance has broken the inflammation and has to be sent.
Even Xia Houlian didn’t expect Long Qianfei to understand it so quickly and instantly.
If it really bounces back, then the two people will definitely get hurt again, but this time, Tiger Qianrou will follow them. It’s not a big deal if they die. Just stay in the Dragon Qianfei Sea Temple for a few days to recuperate and then set off.
Zhu Garuda is determined to have his right hand worry about moving forward. He grabs a silver-blue phoenix fan-shaped gun and appears in his hand. His hand is clutching the skyshatter gun, and the whole person is spinning in the middle. At this time, Long Qianfei Dragon King’s territory has already burst into a dazzling red light.
The red light is too hot to make Tang Luoling and his party cover up the red light and have no way to see what is happening in it.
But at this time, after the red light blasting, Xia Houlian and Long Qianfei vomited blood one after another and watched the tiger thousand soft. He quickly flew to chase the tiger thousand Fei.
"Sister Fei!"
Just as everyone is moving fast, I didn’t expect Moro to move faster than Tiger Qianrou.
It’s Tiger Qianrou, it’s Tiger Qianfei and Moro is his second brother.
In that situation, even Tang Luoling would never rush out of the cloud at will.
That Zhu Lian Lou Luo Long Qian Fei’s aftermath energy after the battle is not a joke, but the dead will be injured and unconscious for a hundred days, and the fortune-telling will be great.
Tiger Qian Ruan jumped forward to chase Long Qian Fei and reached out his hand, so he hugged her tightly around the middle. Long Qian Fei’s insides were badly injured and uncomfortable, and she sprayed blood again, only to find that her gentle sister would be on her side when she was about to give in.
"I’m okay …"
Words haven’t finished Long Qianfei was seriously injured, and his eyes turned over and he fainted directly, and his consciousness was confined to darkness.