"Pure blood?" Lantang once again acted as a curious baby.

"Shi Youji is my sister!" Smell speech Kuran Kaname was forced to tell the truth.
"Master Shu, why do you still have a sister?" Ryukyu and Jia don’t understand.
"I’m sorry, Yuji, I didn’t tell you that you are my sister, your name is Kuran Yuki, and Yosuke is your sister, my sister, and his name is Jiulan Yosuke!" Kuran Kaname felt a deep remorse for Li Naifu’s forehead
Youji smell speech raised his head and raised his eyebrows. The corners of his mouth outlined a cold smile.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" Youji laughed at the sky for a long time before she calmed down. "She’s dead, isn’t she?" Even though she is my sister, I hate her. I really hate her! I don’t regret doing it today. I don’t regret it at all! " Optimal Ji ferocious said coldly looking at Cain arms optimal snow.
"Anyway, you are my sister Yosuke and my sister. It’s all my fault. It’s my fault! The princess can have one. This is Satan’s curse! " Kuran Kaname decadent squat down to hold his forehead tightly.
"Ah, Xiao Yuji, you are wrong. Yosuke is not dead but asleep!" The witch’s hoarse voice came in. "I accidentally took the wrong medicine, so Yosuke will sleep forever and will not die!" "
"You" YouJi pupil transient red vampire fangs exposed "careless how many careless you have? Huh? "
The night is full of depression.
"unbridled!" Cain couldn’t help looking at the gaunt and painful appearance of the girl in his arms. He couldn’t wait to cut that damn Kuran Yuki to pieces.
"Does the witch have an antidote?" I wonder who asked such a question.
The witch raised her eyebrows. "Kaka, there is no antidote. I forgot how to make it!" "
Cain’s eyes darkened and Li Tu clenched his fists.
Youji sneered and nodded with satisfaction. There is no antidote? Then even if you can’t die, you can sleep! The pivot belongs to me!
Youji sneer at a pupil returned to its usual color and walked out of the gate of Yueliao.
Everyone looked at each other and didn’t know it was so good, but they heard Li Tuyi, "Go back first!" "
They nodded their heads and went back to their rooms. Even Li Tu and Cain walked up the stairs with Optimal Snow, and suddenly there was a swing in the hall.
"It’s really irresponsible!" The witch shook her head dissatisfied and was about to go out when she heard a call, "witch wait!" "
Looking back, I found an orange-haired girl wearing a black skirt and a pair of booties. The whole person looked very cold and cute.
"Are you-"Witch slightly partial head some don’t understand what to stop yourself?
"My name is Li Mo Touya Rima!" Li Mo dumped her braids and hurried up the stairs in front of the witch.
Witch looked at her mill.
"Wait a miko oh my god! What happened to Li Mo? " Ryukyu and Jia rushed out and just wanted to take the stairs but found Li Mo.
"Li mill what are you doing here? Lee soil adults not to say that "ryukyu jia cast a glance miko awkward and then turned his head to the mill.
Li Mo shrugged. "Aren’t you the same?"
"This is-"Witch picked his eyebrows and pursed his lips.
"My name is Zaoyuan Yujia!" Ryukyu and Jia introduced themselves and immediately bowed his head. Honey hair covered her eyes and made people unable to see emotions.
Li Mo secretly shook his fist and turned to the witch. "Witch, can you give me the antidote?"
"The antidote? What antidote? " The original look at Ryukyu and Jia Miko was taken aback, and the conscious rhetorical question immediately reflected the light smile. "Huh? Didn’t I say the antidote? There is no antidote! "
"Lie!" Liu Jia raised his head. "You lied to them, but you can’t lie to us!"
Smell speech Li Mo secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that Ryukyu and Jia stopped the witch for the same reason, so you don’t have to worry about Ryukyu and Jia going to report!
Then he looked up and looked at the witch coldly.
"I said two elder sisters, but I don’t have an antidote here. I gave Yogi a magic medicine called Millennium. Once I drink this medicine, I will sleep forever. It is said that people can solve it!" The witch sighed and then said, "But I heard that someone can solve it!"
"Who is it?" Li mill and ryukyu better different mouth asked.
The witch picked her eyebrows slightly, and there was a flash of brilliance in her eyes, and then she regained her calm. The witch said in a very calm and quiet tone with some memorial regrets, "Lucifer? Lord Satan! "