The red spider seems to have been injured after listening to the screams before, but this red spider is also very hard-headed, just hiding in the black fog. Which mind does Guo Xiaosi have to play with it? This beast always plays dark battles, doesn’t give himself the opportunity to exercise, and resents directly taking the inkstone to his chest.

Then a golden dragon leapt from the inkstone, but Guo Xiaosi didn’t control the golden dragon and didn’t have the patience to look for the red spider in the black fog. What if there were other dangers hidden in this black fog? Guo Xiaosi wasn’t so stupid to go to wait for a while.
With the broken Guo Xiaosi satisfiedly smile, the inkstone will be put into your arms, regardless of whether the red spider Dan continues to walk towards the inside of the channel. The end of the channel is flat. When Guo Xiaosi walks through the channel, he finds that it is actually a hall, which makes Guo Xiaosi very excited. At the end of this hall, there is a stone pedestal. The first entrance looks the same.
With excitement, Guo Xiaosi walked quickly to the stone seat to see if there was an inkstone mark behind it.
Excited, Guo Xiaosi forgot the danger of this hall. After all, he had a similar experience and knew that there must be a demon guardian in this hall.
For a moment, I saw a faint deep vision in the darkness ahead, and then Guo Xiaosi found that in a pair of bright red eyes, there was a foul smell in his sight.
Guo Xiaosi immediately prepared for the attack when he saw this, and kept growling for a while. The black bear was now in front of Guo Xiaosi, but before Guo Xiaosi could react, the black bear was now in front of Guo Xiaosi and immediately threw Guo Xiaosi to the ground.
Shit, how could I be so confused? Guo Xiaosi secretly regretted how he was so careless that he was thrown to the ground by a black bear. But now is not the time to regret. Guo Xiaosi hurriedly lifted his body and his magic force barely supported the demon bear’s claws flashing with cold light
Hum Guo Xiaosi hummed a green jade sword and stabbed the bear demon’s arm in Guo Xiaosi.
sound of crying in pain or suffering
Bear demon eats pain, and the strength of his hands is much less. Guo Xiaosi took the opportunity to leap from the ground and hold the sapphire sword in his hand, but before the bear demon put it, he should rush to assassinate it with a sword.
I’m going to eat you, bear demon, spit out people’s words, burst into eyes, burst into resentment, hoarse and low, and waved two claws at Guo Xiaosi again
Guo Xiaosi quickly pulled the distance and held the sapphire sword to run the secret sword tactic. Then Guo Xiaosi waved the sapphire sword, and its sword light was aimed at the bear demon’s head
sound of crying in pain or suffering
Bear demon long roar a don’t avoid Guo Xiaosi attack hard rushed to Guo Xiaosi, and then wait for Guo Xiaosi sword monarch cut in the bear demon neck unexpectedly splash a little star sword arm but also feel a paralysis.
Yi Guo Xiaosi was taken aback when he saw this, while hiding from the bear demon and colliding aggressively, he once again looked at the right time to give the bear demon the opportunity to chop the sapphire sword and hit the bear demon’s neck again, but he still splashed a little starlight, which surprised Guo Xiaosi. This bear demon was very strange, and his hands could chop and behead, but he couldn’t.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t know that Xiong Yao’s cultivation method was equivalent to a golden bell jar. Unfortunately, its cultivation speed was too slow, and the neck was successfully cultivated in this place where it was easy to be hacked. Other places haven’t finished practicing yet.
The bear demon saw that Guo Xiaosi was unstoppable and attacked Guo Xiaosi with a bear hug posture. He kept shouting in his mouth that I would eat you.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t give Xiong Yao a chance to seize his own opportunity. When he turned around and stabbed Xiong Yao, he didn’t protect his limbs. Since he can hurt his limbs, he will turn you into a bear stick.
Guo Xiaosi also understood that this bear demon didn’t escape the ability to kill the roots fiercely. Of course, Guo Xiaosi also knew that this bear demon was strong and poor, and its golden steel claws were very sharp. He couldn’t be caught by this bear demon. When Guo Xiao turned around and played guerrilla warfare around the bear demon, the sapphire sword flew like Youlong and chopped the bear demon’s limbs. Although this bear demon was strong and poor, he felt that his opponent couldn’t slip his hands and was so anxious that he repeatedly roared.
The bear demon was also hurt by the sapphire sword and roared again and again. He wanted to catch the sapphire sword and break it severely. Guo Xiaosi laughed at this and deliberately slowed down the flight speed of the sapphire sword to let the bear demon firmly grasp the sapphire sword. This bear demon also cooperated very well. It seemed that he was afraid that the sapphire sword would break free and simply grabbed the flying sword with both hands and hugged it straight to his chest.
It’s no wonder that I, Guo Xiaosi, have a sneer at the corner of my mouth, but I see the green jade sword in the bear demon’s chest vibrating constantly. Before the bear demon makes another effort to press the vibration, a silver light suddenly flashes with the bear demon screaming, but I see that the bear demon’s hands have broken.
The time has come for Guo Xiaosi to quickly manipulate the sapphire sword and fly away. In the bellow of the bear demon, the legs of the bear demon are completely broken. Before the bear demon screams again, the sound has stopped, but it is Guo Xiaosi who took the opportunity to pierce the sapphire sword into the bear demon’s mouth.
Hum, your neck is hard. Are your mouth and limbs hard?
Rao is the bear demon who has been practicing invulnerability for hundreds of years, but his mouth is still fragile. As soon as the sapphire sword pierces, it immediately cuts through the brain like tofu and pierces a hole.
This bear demon is also tough, so it’s not even dead yet. I want to know that the tide is gone and I will no longer survive. I stare at Guo Xiaosi and seem to be able to kill Guo Xiaosi with my eyes.
I’ll see you off. Guo Xiaosi, cold hum, a sword with a sapphire handle was pushed to the limit in the mouth of the bear demon. When the bear demon head exploded, it was hard to explode all over the sky.
Guo Xiaosi will never wave a Dan. Although this bear demon has been repaired for a hundred years, this Dan can still be refined into an equal Dan medicine in inkstone.
Chapter three hundred and forty-four Shallow law field
Chapter three hundred and forty-four Shallow law field
After putting out the bear demon, Guo Xiaosi strode to the Lingshi Block and carefully looked at the Lingshi Block in front of him. This Lingshi Block met Lingshi Block for the first time with great similarity or almost the same, and then Guo Xiaosi ran to Lingshi Block and was glad to see the inkstone mark he had expected.
When Guo Xiaosi hurried to bring the inkstone and put it gently on the mark, the hall shook slightly with several golden lights flashing, and the inkstone was also suspended from the mark. Guo Xiaosi hurried to hide it in his arms until it was delivered.
As the rotation speed of Lingshi increases, Guo Xiaosi closes his eyes and fantasizes about what treasures he will get soon.
When the white light dissipates, Guo Xiaosi finds himself in a dark place, which is not a secret room as Guo Xiaosi imagined, but pieces of bamboo groves with different levels and shapes. What is even more surprising is that these bamboo groves have a faint dark light.
Guo Xiaosi’s eyes shrank and counted, and there were 991 Dianthus in front of him. More importantly, it seemed vaguely that the vitality of heaven and earth was suddenly combined into a set of laws.
Bad Guo Xiaosi secretly called Ji Ji and didn’t know about the array. But when it comes to this, it’s time to break through the array. Guo Xiaosi also wants to escape, but he also walked into the array when he sent himself to me, and these arrays are all running and brewing attacks. Guo Xiaosi absolutely doesn’t believe that this array composed of 991 Dianthus is a defensive array or a magic array.
It seems to take it one step at a time. This thinking is that Guo Xiaosi once again looks at the front law and wants to find the flaws of the law with his own ability.
In thinking, Guo Xiaosi stepped forward, but before Guo Xiaosi thought about it again, he saw that the front law had been carried out. Nine hundred and ninety-one Dianthus hair was vigorous, the breath was dark, the color was brighter, and the feelings Guo Xiaosi stepped forward, which triggered the front law to be carried out.
Guo Xiaosi andao unlucky quickly picked up the sapphire sword, staring at the front of the law, and secretly regretted how he didn’t feel this step and touched the law
Suddenly, the dark light suddenly flashed with a sword alluding to Guo Xiaosi. When I saw this, Guo Xiaosi’s heart trembled slightly with a sapphire hand. Guo Xiaosi, after all, was the first time to meet this scene, and he didn’t even know what the name of this law was, let alone deal with it.
Several flying swords advance wave upon wave toward Guo Xiaosi to attack Guo Xiaosi. At first, it was a pity that gradually the physical strength could not keep up with the sapphire sword waving speed. At the same time, Guo Xiaosi was constantly exposed to white mans, which were all raised when Guo Xiaosi resisted.
Guo Xiaosi see white mans constantly take a cold sweat and don’t live to him. White isn’t this robe. I’m afraid I’ve already become a sword.
What should I do? Guo Xiaosi couldn’t stop asking questions. Unfortunately, no one answered him. He didn’t know what to do. Perhaps it was God’s will. Guo Xiaosi kept retreating in the resistance. When he retreated to his previous position, he suddenly found that the sword shadow in the sky woke himself up by disappearing with a cold sweat. Everything was not a dream, but it really happened.
Shout Guo Xiaosi carefree Excalibur thick gasped for air after another attack let Guo Xiaosi cold sweat again and again, although those flying swords were resisted by body robes, they were not pierced, but the impact of these flying swords still made them very uncomfortable and painful
Looking at the front array again, looking at the dark light flashing, 991 Dianthus Guo Xiaosi’s heart is slightly cold and anxious. I don’t know how to crack the array, but I can’t get any treasures. But if I wait until 31 days have passed, I won’t be completely finished here. Even this array can avoid the situation. After closing the cave, I will come to sweep and kill the master of the Millennium Magic Throne.
At the same time, Guo Xiaosi also analyzed that its position should be an absolute security zone, but it is also an absolute blockade zone, which can neither enter nor be.
Have you just stayed here and waited for the arrival of the cave Qing people? Guo Xiaosi has been thinking about it for a long time. This is the biggest crisis that Guo Xiaosi Daolai encountered. I don’t know how to crack the roots, how to remove them, and how to get to the array. What should I do?
Guo Xiaosi kept pressing himself in the security zone and didn’t dare to move. He didn’t know what the scope was, and he was afraid that he would never find the location of the security zone after he left the security zone.