Chapter 14 I regard you as an ant!

Master Bo nodded his head and said, "People take this benefactor Li Hall …"
"Wait!" Master Zhibo didn’t finish talking when he heard a cold voice, "Did you ask Brother Li what he meant when you said to bring someone?"
They were surprised that the speaker turned out to be the Xinhe, with deep disdain and contempt in his sneering tone. "You are also masters of practice, not owners or elders. I can’t believe that one by one is so despicable! To put it bluntly, if we want to catch this brother Li, there is one goal, and the head of the peak is two goals. One is to use him to deter Li Jingyao, and the other is to blame him for the loss of Taiyi Sword, right? In this way, you don’t have to worry about Li Jingyao invading Tianfeng’s head, but you can also turn away the crime of losing artifacts. Good calculation, shame and meanness are no longer enough for you! Do you dare to say that you must be better than Li Jingyao by looking at your faces? !”
Xinhe’s words say that finish before everyone becomes angry, and the little favor he brings to everyone by maintaining Li Feiyang will also disappear in an instant.
Road flyover Tianfeng stared at Xinhe coldly. "This Taoist friend, please forgive my ignorance. Why have I never heard of this sect of Qianchongge? Are you human after all? "
"Haven’t you heard? Then you still say that you are not ignorant? Who am I? Do you talk to me? Am I wrong? Do you want to put this brother Li under house arrest and ask others for advice? "
"Ha ha ha ~ ~" Taoist Tianfeng seems to have heard the funniest thing in the world. "Do you want to ask others for advice? Don’t the five elements have door rules? Don’t you obey the orders of the master? Dear Master, can you control your disciple? "
Dear indifferently, "But Li Feiyang ordered you to stay here and not resist."
All the monks present watched Li Feiyang together and saw that Li Feiyang’s face changed again and again and finally said coldly, "I refuse."
Wow ~ ~ all the people present immediately frightened XinHeMei a pick gave me a thumbs-up look "good! Have a backbone! "
Li Feiyang didn’t speak, and his face was dignified. Before he was ordered to be temporarily under house arrest, in his view, since he insisted on reinforcements, it was nothing to make a pretence temporarily, but he just received the idea of cultivating immortality and warning.
"Do you want to accept the noble order? If you choose to obey it, you will change your previous escape from the practice meeting or wait for reinforcements to attack and cancel it. You will help Godsworn Tianfeng to resist the coming crisis and Taoist Tianfeng will not die, otherwise you will be rewarded for failure, plus 1 spirit force, 1 dharma, 1 skill upgrade and 1 failure penalty."
If Li Feiyang can’t guess what this upcoming crisis is after reading this branch, then he is really.
So rich that if you don’t say this difficulty, Li Feiyang will really be killed.
He has a vague idea in his heart. What is this coming crisis?
Protecting Taoist Tianfeng so that he will not die, even Taoist Tianfeng will live by law. That can say one thing. This crisis has reached the point where everyone present can resist it.
What else could it be if it wasn’t the invasion of the Demon Sect?
The reinforcements … Ten fingers is Li Jingyao!
Li Feiyang thought of here seeping a cold sweat. Does Li Jingyao really want to kill Chongxuan Temple directly with the magic of heaven? This guy … is really fearless of going inside the prison door, but on second thought, he will know that master Kurong couldn’t kill Li Jing in those days, and he still has people to fear?
Supposedly, so many fellow practitioners here may join hands with them in the eyes of ordinary people, and it may not be impossible for Li Jingyao to fight. Even if he really hits the door of Chongxuan Temple, will the three | world experts in Chongxuan Temple not appear?
But …
Li Feiyang looked at BuHao punishment clock from xiao injury … MuZhuo!
If his guess is correct, then everyone here, including those he cares about, will face the demons and Li Jingyao’s anger, which means that he cares about these people and they are likely to die.
If he doesn’t listen to the dear orders, at most, he will face these monks and MuZhuoQing temporarily. Even if Li Jingyao really comes to see the cultivation of immortality, he said that it is estimated that he will not be difficult to be with himself … After all, his name is his son, so he can try his best to protect MuZhuoQing |.
Focused Li Feiyang finally decided to wait until reinforcements arrived!
Dear obviously surprised by Li Feiyang, he decided to pull a face and said, "Are you crazy? Believe me, I won’t let them hurt you. This is a good plan. It’s not difficult for you to practice here. "
Li Feiyang will take the hidden snake sword firmly
"I can’t be intimidated by | people, regardless of whether I am excavate. If it’s not me, there is no reason to make such a sacrifice because he won’t be afraid if I am …"
Li Fei roared, Do you want me to help you threaten your father? ! That beast? "
"Ha ha ha ~ ~!" Feiyang put his heart into a horizontal laugh wildly and said, "Kill me if you miss me | I won’t let you show off."
Don’t tell me … I guess it’s wrong. If I really insist on practicing the immortal precept until the reinforcements come, I’ll be my ancestor.
Li Feiyang’s heart is secretly thinking that what he did was the bold guess in his heart.
"Ha ha ha ~ ~ good spirit kid! Don’t worry, none of them can kill your brother and you can’t die! " In the distant sky, a bright sound suddenly appeared, and all the monks in the room were surprised, but they had not yet recovered. Suddenly, they felt a jolt, and the whole day suddenly became gloomy, rising to the sky like a dark purple, and instantly enveloped the whole Chongxuan Temple.
Boom boom boom ~ ~! A series of huge rings started one after another. At the moment, the mountains around Chongxuan Temple were all broken and collapsed. The streamers came out from the broken mountains and gathered in the sky. A sudden shock of awe descended from the sky. A red vertical eye was like a blood-red one-eyed man looking at all the people coldly.