Nine-fold exhibition Magma Dragon Wings glided down in the city, jumped into the city, and the Dragon Magic Team and the Wind Magic Team were scattered to chase the scattered Dragon Club players!

Just gathering people was not an opponent of the two major teams, but now it is not an opponent when the troops are dispersed. The two major teams are chasing around, and they will die if they are chased.
At that time, the whole Liuzhou screamed and killed!
Half an hour later, in a street in Liuzhou, the Dragon Magic Team and the Enchanted Magic Team formed a big encirclement and trapped Liuzhou. At last, more than 1,000 players except them, the whole Liuzhou has been slaughtered by two teams and turned into a dead city!
"surrendered! We surrendered! !” The more than one thousand people threw their weapons to the ground and squatted down with their hands on their heads. "Leave us alone this time, and we will never be right with you again!" We promise that we will stay away from you when we meet the hell-mad flower man, and we will never be with your enemy again! !” After that, I looked at Jiuzhuang piteously in an attempt to arouse Jiuzhong’s compassion!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Collapse
Nine heavy smell speech corners of the mouth with a sly smile "hey … take me a recruit die today I can spare his life!"
Someone timidly asked, "Are you … are you going to fight one-on-one? Or a group fight? !”
"Don’t touch me here and go!"
"Are you serious? !”
"It’s hard to catch up with you in a word!"
"Ok … ok, then we agree. Come on!" This 1000 people get up and care if he has any auxiliary states.
"shout! !” The double-fierce ghosts and fierce ghosts are burning violently, and the fire is rising, as if something terrible is going to escape from this tragic flame!
Nine heavy suddenly jumped and flashed, and at the same time, the fierce ghost inflammation Huo Ran swelled and finally turned the nine heavy body package into a statue of half black and half red giant ghosts and gods. lost face covered the whole day of the real dragon club with more than 1,000 players. "… thousands of meteor showers! !”
The sound falls into an evil incarnation, and a pair of giant fists hit the ground players at an incredible speed, and a pair of arms seemed to disappear!
"Mm-hmm-! !” In a moment, I saw several giant fist gas tearing gas as if flying fireball from the outer space, breaking and falling, and covering the players’ department of more than 1,000 dragon clubs on the ground with an instant boom as if the end of the world were coming!
"Boom! !” There was a loud noise of renju, as if the whole dragon city was shaking on the ground. More than 1,000 real dragons would be completely submerged and blood would splash!
The skill lasted for ten and a half seconds. In the middle, the incarnation of the evil spirit finally stopped. The incarnation of the boxing dissipated and became fierce. Most of the ghosts retreated into the double-fierce ghost, and the nine-fold floated down from the middle!
At this point, the skill effect has disappeared, and then the ground in the field is a shocking wake-up. More than a thousand real dragon players in the boxing pit have turned into a pool of meat!
Phoenix Dance, Li Yuanzhen and Zhou Dingguo have also led the hell to spend a lot of troops pouring into the city at the moment to catch up with Jiuchong Road. "Come at the right moment to tear it down for me! !”
"… abnormal condition! !” Looking at a big stall in the field, the players sighed in their hearts.
Nine heavy side to get double lyu3 bu4 led by another pair of horses has also been anxious to take 900 thousand players to destroy the statue of the city, and then slaughter the players in the statue of the city for half an hour, and then the statue of the city will be in ruins!
Attack Zuncheng and Longcheng Jiuzhong and Shuanglu led two armies non-stop to continue to a goal!
Holy alliance headquarters heavenly king city!
The battle between Dragon City and Zuncheng was very heavy, which prevented the players of the Dragon Club from being resurrected again and again. They actively destroyed the resurrection point, while Zuncheng was the player of Zunmeng. No matter what the reason, the players guarding the city in the last two cities were lucky not to be killed back to the novice village. Since the downfall and resurrection of Dragon City and Zuncheng, they have been remitted to Tianwang City!
The presidents of the fifty-four guilds of the Holy Alliance are all waiting in the Chamber for the anticipated effect! Among them, when the five-claw golden dragon and the statue of God of War are in the most complicated contradiction, they hope to get the news of the city break as soon as possible to end this long ordeal, but they also hope that there will be a miracle and the main city of their respective guilds will be lucky!
Just as Jinlong with five claws and Zun Zhanshen were struggling with contradictory emotions, two players broke in. One player was killed by Jiu Chong in Longcheng, and the other player was the deputy leader of Zuncheng, the migratory locust!
See two people with five claws Jinlong and statue of god of war will know that their lair must have been hell crazy flowers to end, but they still don’t give up with luck and asked a sentence "? !”
Zuo Qinglong and the migratory locust bowed their heads and said, "… lost it!"
"bang! !” Statue of god of war gave a punch on the table yazi splitting way "sacred! I will never die with you! !”
Five-claw golden dragon is also gnashing her teeth. "The sacred party is very good! You’ve completely pissed me off. I’ll kill you all! !”
Seeing that the Golden Dragon with Five Claws and the God of War have finally been beaten, the presidents of the small and medium-sized guilds in the hall can’t help but feel dark. It’s time for you to fucking watch us as cannon fodder, no matter whether we are finally your turn this time!
On seeing this, the seated Heavenly King said, "You two are not angry and want us to work together to defend the victory of Heavenly King City, that is, when the time comes, we will completely wipe out Fang Sheng and his crazy flowers in hell. You can do whatever you want!"
Two people nodded. "yes, there is a day and a half! Fang Sheng, you will wait to die then! !”
"All right, you two go!" Tianwang Gong gave a hand to Zuo Qinglong and the migratory locust way
When they heard this, they didn’t leave Zuo Qinglong. First of all, they said, "President, I have another situation to report!"
The migratory locust followed closely, "President, I also have something to report!"
"Is there anything else? Say! "
Zuo Qinglong said, "The situation of the president’s brother seems to be a little bad when he comes back from Longcheng!"
"The president is back from Zuncheng," said the migratory locust. "Brother’s situation is not very good either!"
"What’s wrong? Isn’t it just a defeat? !”
"Cough … you’ll know when you go out and have a look!" Zuo Qinglong and Locust Nuo Nuo Road
"Go and see!" Golden Dragon with Five Claws and God of War immediately got up and walked out of the Chamber, leaving a group of presidents who got up and followed them out of the Chamber!
Leaving the Chamber, Zuo Qinglong and Locust led fifty-two presidents, including the Golden Dragon with Five Claws and the God of War, Tianwang Gong, to the area where players of Zunmeng and Zhenlong Club were stationed!
Players who have lost from Longcheng and Zuncheng are now gathered together. When a group of presidents come to these players and see them, they can’t help but frown!
Seeing that these players have strength, trance and depression, it seems that they are hungry without souls, and there is a strong decadent spirit in the refugee field!
Among them, the players of Youzhen Dragon Club are in the most serious situation, and their eyes are absent and dull, as if they have lost their souls and are walking dead!
Golden dragon with five claws and the statue of God of War exclaimed, "This …… what on earth is this? How did they become like this? !”
The migratory locust said, "They were killed by the wild flower players in hell … They were so fierce that the devil brothers were killed and almost collapsed!" "
Golden dragon with five claws stared at Qinglong to the left. "So are we? !”
Zuo Qinglong said, "We are even worse … the sacred party is simply not a person. Hundreds of defenders in Liuzhou were slaughtered by him with a team of one thousand people! They are so powerful that killing us is like drinking cold water! "
Jinlong with five claws suspected that he had heard wrong and seized Zuo Qinglong’s chest. "What did you say? Fang Shengqian killed 100,000 of you? !”
"Exactly … eleven hundred people!"
"That’s not a virtue!" Five-claw Jinlong thrust Zuo Qinglong down and scolded him, "You really are all waste. One thousand people, even hundreds of pigs, arch them to death!" !”
"President, we really tried our best!" Zuo Qinglong was concerned and recalled the terrible scene he had experienced in Liuzhou. "But the sacredness of that party is really too great. First, he turned into a giant bodhisattva and slapped us to death!" I also heard from my brothers that later he turned into a magma dragon, and he was invincible. He was in a mess, and he died when he touched it. He slapped hundreds of people to go, and thousands of people rushed, and ten thousand people were gone! Besides, he let out those 1100 people from a huge door, and they are all as strong as ghosts, and they can kill us all at once, just like chopping melons and vegetables! President, you didn’t see them with your own eyes. It’s amazing! !”
"Bad your younger sister! !” Five-claw Jinlong is going to kick Zuo Qinglong when he lifts his foot in disgust!
"All right!" At this moment, a tactfully female ring followed by a woman who had never appeared in front of other small and medium-sized guild presidents. "This time, I don’t blame them for being too sacred!" Look at this and you will know! "