Scold at the end of Zhou Li is really unbearable, "little bastard, why are there so many foul words in your mouth?" He angrily pointed out that the golden whip made the Aoki fenglei umbrella shake.

Haikui immediately shut up. I’m afraid they will be in trouble when Aoki fenglei umbrella fails to hold up.
"Aren’t you a magic weapon?" Haikui growled.
"I can’t help but get hurt," said Monty Flag with a sigh.
"What about this situation?" Haikui depressed and turned over a bag and held the Xuantong mirror in his hand. However, this mirror seems to be mostly defensive and can’t be attacked for the first time. If he is trapped for a while, if he can’t break the blood column light defense, he can’t fart.
He threw the Xuantong mirror out and floated in front to stop the golden whip, but he couldn’t stop the white smoke and poisonous fog
"Resist! My body is shaking. How can it be so cool?" Zhou Li laughed excitedly. Looking at Haikui, she couldn’t break through for a while, and her smug and haggard skin was radiant with strange spirits.
"This old guy is too proud" Haikui disgruntled whisper a.
"When I get out, I’ll fix him," said Monty Flag, who was also unhappy.
But the problem is that they have to get out first.
Haikui stared at his Xuantong mirror and Aoki fenglei umbrella for a while. The old man’s magic weapon could not break through his defense for a while. Xuantong mirror could easily resist the whip, while Aoki fenglei umbrella could resist blood column and poisonous smoke. It seems that it can last for a while.
Haikui took out the rose Yuan Dan and looked down at it as if it were deciding.
"You don’t want to eat Sheng Yuan Dan now, do you?" said Monty Flag guessing.
"That’s what I’m thinking," Haikui said with a twinkle in his eyes.
"What are you kidding? I’ve never seen you eat this Dan medicine when you are against the enemy. It needs absolute silence when you break through the repair." Monty flag was surprised and said that he didn’t understand what Haikui was thinking.
"Then you can see more and faster chapters today, please go to" Haikui sneer at one "Now there is no other way to break Zhou Li’s old son array and magic weapon. I originally repaired it by myself now, but I didn’t expect it to be so bad. Besides, it will take a while for him to break my protection. If I eat this rose Dan and successfully upgrade this old thing, I will die."
"You’re taking too much risk." Monty’s flag also wavered a little, but he was thinking of quickly finding a good bag to take possession of, so that his magic weapon could swagger around, but he still needed to recover a few percent to take possession of the body of the yogi.
Haikui no longer hesitates to take this liter of Yuan Dan, which is a disaster sooner or later. It is better to learn from that guy’s decisive eating just now. Although it is a little short, if it is a breakthrough, please go to Zhou Li to repair more and faster chapters now.
"Hey, you really eat" monty flag nu way.
Some people take the pills that help upgrade, and it takes as long as half a day or several years to refine their medicine. At this stage, they have to absorb the medicine by heart, which is the most dangerous time.
The former man took Dan medicine purely because he knew that Zhou Li would be invincible. Anyway, it is better to die than to eat Dan medicine, but Haikui is not determined to die. He is determined to upgrade.
"You" said "his grandmother" with a trembling flag voice.
After taking Dan medicine, Haikui sat cross-legged and refined the medicine, but the rest must be handed over to the monty flag. Fortunately, Haikui left a little knowledge in the Xuantong mirror and Aoki fenglei umbrella to control the magic weapon to resist.
Hai Kui swallowed Sheng Yuan Dan, and soon his body changed. Fine sweat came out of his body and white gas came out of his head.
The monty flag is really unbearable. He possessed the magic weapon thousands of years ago. At this time, he can’t help cursing. Fortunately, he has no mother.
Zhou Lilai was always interested, but after attacking for a long time, I couldn’t break the protection of Haikui. I couldn’t help but be angry. The dark skull was pinched and definitely hit the skull. The red light came out of Zhou Lilai’s eyes, and the skull was wrapped in red light, so I threw it out and drank it lightly.
It turns out that his practice is the same as that of establishing congenital, that is, establishing innate cultivation to achieve the mirror, and he can display his magic power without using magic weapons.
The skull quickly moved forward and swallowed something, swallowed the blood column, swallowed the black fog, and even the poisonous fog was swallowed up, regardless of the enemy or the enemy.
Monty flag exclaimed, "This magic weapon is so domineering."
He thinks he is domineering enough, but everything in front of him is even more domineering, and the magic weapon that turns into a red skull is getting bigger and bigger, as if he had eaten too much, and it would be the size of an adult’s head in the blink of an eye.
Walking out of a soul from the monty flag, carrying a fairy gun in his hand is the one in which the fairy monty shakes his gun and goes to the skull.
Zhou Li Gaga did great damage to the soul before laughing. The source of the blood column is the skull. Now the soul is fighting. Isn’t it a magic weapon that can hurt the soul asking for destruction?
But for a moment, Zhou Li looked dignified, and the soul could cast spells.
Monty knows that he has defeated this magic weapon by soul body method, which is also harmful to the soul. Thunder can be released from the soul. Thunder is yin, thunder is taken from the soul force to summon the extremely yin, but the monty flag is a yang instrument, which contains yang. This monty soul takes the monty flag, and the yang force is used to stab the skull with a gun, but it will make it a meal.
The skull is actually a magic weapon of Yin attribute, and a temptation immediately releases several flaming beasts and rushes towards Zhou Li’s magic weapon.
Chapter 254 Baby
Those fire beasts devoured the fire body for many years, and the flame was absolutely overbearing. When the sun fire appeared, it was a hot wave of lang, which rolled forward and went to poison the king’s skull. Although it was severe, it was still a way to resist this flame. Moreover, these fire beasts were erased by the Monty flag, but they did not destroy the flesh. They were still physically transported by the fire and were abnormal.
Zhou Li frowned slightly. He could feel the tyrannical fire beast, but he didn’t want to give up reaching out and pointing to the skull. The skull turned into a bleeding red double knife and chopped at the fire beast.
The monty flag is strange with a smile. "Fortunately, Lao Cong collected a few fire beasts and didn’t absorb them immediately, otherwise my reputation would be destroyed in your little hands!"
The red double knife was cut on the fire beast, but it was blocked by the hot flame. After all, it is a magic weapon, but it is not a real double knife. Although the fire beast level is not high, the lang fire is unbearable for those who belong to the yin magic weapon.
The double knives stand on the fire beast, but they can’t be left behind. Look at the posture and there are signs of collapse.
Zhou Li’s face is ugly. Just now, his pride has disappeared. If Haikui saw it, he would definitely laugh and laugh until the end!
The sound is crisp, but it is whipped in the Xuantong mirror.
The mirror is also a flash of golden light. Zhou Li rubbed his eyes and found that there was no mistake. There was also a whip smoking at each other in the mirror.
It’s just an image. Zhou Li comforted himself. After all, the mirror is a reflection of something in front!
Zhou Li waved a whip and changed direction. He crossed the skull in front of the fire beast and took a few steps back. The body flame was dark.
Zhou Li’s face is happy again!
Black cocoon Haikui’s skin is red and he wants to explode. His body is full because of the melting of Sheng Yuan Dan and he wants to burst his body.
Physical pain is constantly stimulating his nerves, just like someone scratching his nails bit by bit. This kind of pain is even worse than the knife directly cutting him. At least if the knife is sharp, it will be finished, and the nails are dull and not hard, which is a kind of torture.
But Haikui has a belief that he must stick to, at least he never wants to die. He finally knows why he was so afraid of pain before. It really hurts and can’t hurt any more.
French language to express.
He led the drug-promoting real element department to Dantian and introduced his own Dan. Dan expanded in an instant, and the size of his fist increased by two circles, and the color became heavier and heavier. The last seven colors became stronger and stronger.
The seven colors of gold, green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are getting stronger and stronger, which looks very beautiful and keeps spinning slowly in other bodies, but even so, the real elements are still too majestic. Now Dan can’t finish absorbing this moment, and he urgently needs to transform these real elements, otherwise he will explode and die.
Dan is spinning, but he doesn’t continue to get bigger, so he stops at the state of two laps of an adult fist.
Now, apart from his physical condition, Quigan can’t hold back other things. If it weren’t for the monty flag, this magic weapon would have * * ideological power, or today would be Haikui’s funeral day.
It’s hot outside. Haikui upgrades his teeth!
Dan keeps spinning and getting more and more solid. Finally, it is like a colored glass ball rising in the body. Dan is worthy of helping Brother Yuanying break through the Dan medicine, which contains a huge aura and has a certain stability. Otherwise, Haikui will be broken by the real yuan and die.
He was in this state for a whole day and night.
Zhou Li has become furious outside, and he can’t kill the little one for a day and a night. He is even more surprised that these two magic weapons are powerful, one is the mirror and the other is the soul flag, which further lays the foundation for Zhou Li’s determination to kill Haikui.
Dan no longer absorbs the true elements of the body, but the true elements of the body are still pounding the Haikui meridians.
Haikui’s skin has been cracked and blood is constantly flowing out.
Looking at himself, Dan no longer absorbs Haikui, knowing that if so, he will still explode and die. He can’t just sit back and wait for him to lead his true qi to attack Dan.
A man like him is not without, but he is definitely a crazy person, and Haikui’s basic knowledge of practicing is not stable. Even if he absorbs several people’s memories, he has not formed a habit. His method is lucky, Dan is broken, repaired and scrapped, and if he is unlucky, Dan will explode, and even he will explode with him.
He came up with this method by himself, not by reference to people. Generally, people who give up on themselves will choose to break Dan and choose to die for life.
And Haikui wants to break through!
He is gambling that his luck is quite bad!
Some people don’t know that drinking cold water will get their teeth stuffed, but some people are lucky and everyone will be jealous. I heard that a young man bought a lottery ticket and won the second prize of nearly 300 thousand, but he put the lottery aside and forgot about it. After more than a month, he found that he won the prize. Unfortunately, he went to buy another lottery ticket and won the first prize of more than 5 million yuan!
Someone asked his brother how you got such good luck. He said that I couldn’t get away, but I would pass by if I sent it to me.
But this shit is a common thing, and only a few people among hundreds of millions of people can share this kind of thing.