"Defense large array! ! Resist magic dragon with Black Wings. I’ll kill him myself! ! !” If the realm is the same, there are also Tianlong generals in the audience to qualify for magic dragon’s confrontation

Thousands of shield soldiers lined up in a circle and drank a "shield steel! !”
"Everyone into the defensive circle and you can also attack you as far as possible to help me stall other monsters this black-winged magic dragon to the general! !” General Tianlong looked at the players and they could rely on them at this time.
"Guys, if you stay out of it, I’m afraid we can’t even hold on to the sixth batch of monsters!" General Tianlong looked at Bai Shura and Forget Dust, and the effect might be much better if they helped.
And now the battlefield is very chaotic, and the smoke obscures their sight, which greatly affects the progress of players.
"I don’t seem to care about your life or death." Bai Shura’s biggest shortcoming is that he is too self-centered.
Dragon general suddenly rose "if the monster broke into the sanghai city, you will also and the whole tomb will be a monster paradise, and you will be unable to move!" !”
Say that finish, then leave, and it won’t be long before I come to Yi Long to sing and scream. This dragon general has some means.
"really?" Bai shura grinned but didn’t take it to heart.
On the contrary, he forgot the dust and looked at the battlefield in front of him. He saw at a glance that players in the battlefield were everywhere constrained at the moment. If no one could command the overall situation, the battle would fail, and the only one who could control the situation, General Tianlong, was also fighting fiercely in Gaohe Black Wings magic dragon.
"At ten o’clock, the number of about three hundred levels is the peak of the realm of heaven and man. bss will arrive at the remote occupation and melee occupation in a minute and immediately form a defense network and an attack team. After one minute, the fire will be severely beaten! !”
"There are a group of flying monsters right in front of you. Everything can be remotely skilled. Don’t worry about other casting skills!"
"I’m right behind"
"Left front!"
Just when people feel that some forces are at a loss, people’s ears echo brightly and cheer them up, which makes them act involuntarily like a spell.
"A minute to play! ! !”
The crazy offensive attacked and killed the smoke and fog at their timing. In less than a moment, people screamed and roared, and blood suddenly splashed out. Only then did people realize how important the information was! !
"Then how to do it! ! !” Speaking is just looking back. Yan, because of the influence of sight, his whole body strength seems to be suppressed by the body method, but now he is extremely excited
"You release the forbidden art at three o’clock!" Forget the dust also not stingy said
"We take to do! !”
Soon the battlefield came, asking questions one after another and forgetting the dust seemed to dominate the whole war strategist. At this moment, he was commanding a player to fight with the Sang Hai army! !
General Tianlong witnessed everything in sight and smiled at the monster in front of him. "The dragon is dead! !”
"LeiJie! !”
"Boom boom!" Bai Feng, who has been hiding anything, has finally released unprecedented super energy. The thunderous flash is as thick and wild as an adult’s thigh. It falls on the dust and commands the monster legion, and the advantage is actually swaying.
Bai Feng looked back and saw that it was still a shocking scene. He forgot the dust and was in the center of the battlefield. He seemed to have done nothing but knew everything about the war situation. At this moment, Bai Feng really realized how terrible this man’s talent was! ! !
His strength is not only strength, but also this special charm and ability
"Hehe, not only did you show amazing talent in fighting, but you also had an imperial demeanor in the big picture. If you can still live in the new world, I can’t imagine what it would be like?"
Chapter three hundred and thirty-five Cost
Forgetting dust instantly pulled back to the unfavorable situation of the battlefield after showing amazing military talents, but the players did not win because of it, but fell into a tug-of-war
The confrontation between heaven and earth has become more and more sharp. The battle between General Tianlong and magic dragon with black wings is particularly shocking. Spitting anger and killing kopis, two extreme forces of heaven and man collide, and even the color of the sky is affected.
I’m afraid no one can intervene in the battle between them. Maybe Bai Fengke, but this guy is not going to do that! ! !
Bai Feng fought happily in the battlefield, but his strength was amazing but not outstanding. On the contrary, his light was not dazzling in the mixed battlefield of dragon and snake.
Because of the power and importance of the fifth batch of monsters, all players have to face up to the problem at hand and make efforts to fight. Every time they kill one, they will see if their ranking has risen.
"regression of blocking your positive entrance monster is expected to arrive in ten seconds! !” Forget dust is now in command of a battle. He arranged for everyone to launch a counterattack in an orderly manner.
Forget the dust, even the flying canopy is amazed
"Brother, what’s your name?" The flying canopy seems to have its own intention to take the initiative to come to him and set up a set of almost the latter smiled and "forgot the dust"
"Forget the dust brothers now battlefield situation in the end?" The flying canopy is a soldier who naturally won’t do that. Say some pleasantries and go straight to the topic he wants to ask.
Forget dust swept away the whole battlefield. "Now the situation is not optimistic, although temporarily suppressing the monsters’ offensive, it is, after all, the peak bss of the realm of heaven and man, and there is more than one bss in the realm of heaven and man." Forget dust and look up at the black wing. magic dragon refers to more than one nature.
"What? There is more than one heaven and man? "erigeron smell speech facial expression, a if so, wouldn’t they?
Thought of this, Fei Peng said firmly with his eyes, "Brother Forget Dust, if someone can stop those guys, it should be able to change the battlefield situation, right?"
Forget dust nodded and the latter continued, "How many are there in total?"
"There are two more." Forget the dust and stare at the eyes and answer faintly. The fifth batch of monsters is so powerful that I can’t imagine that the sixth batch will be waiting for the scene again.
"Can you tell me where it is?" Two words are barely tolerable, but it can also solve the immediate problem, but it is better than doing nothing. The flying canopy asks to know the location.
Forgetting dust did not hide it, but worried and said, "Are you alone?" Forgetting the dust, I glanced at the flying canopy. His realm has not reached that level. If I force myself to fight, my life will be in danger.
The flying canopy smiled. "Don’t do anything because of fear and fear? What kind of soldier is that? And I am a man, how can I shrink back at this time! "
Forget the dust a touch "southwest he hides behind those monsters with a pair of black horns and purple."
"Thank you, my brother will leave it to you. I believe you!" He gave all the army commanders to Forget Dust, which made him a little shocked. He thought for a while and nodded, "I will give another message to our people to solve."
The flying canopy shines at the moment. "You don’t thank me! !”
Forgetting the dust, I glanced at Bai Shura’s eyes not far away, and turned to a faint opening. "The hardness of the scales of the steel ruler ancient fierce beast exceeds the degree of the world’s hardest crystal steel swordsmen. If it can be cut off, I am afraid it will reach a higher level."
It’s like talking to yourself but not leaking a word into Bai Shura’s mouth. It’s not just powerful for a swordsman to pursue, but to cut off all forces! !
Top swordsmen have nothing they can’t stop cutting.
Bai Shura moved him step by step to the front "bearing" of forgetting dust.
"The tusks of the northeast cyan behemoth just land."
The voice just fell, and the white shura figure was like a knife rushing out. In one second, the white shura figure has joined the battlefield.
This is a beast with blue face and fangs. He has scales as hard as steel, and his defense is the strongest in the world. Players around him can’t break each other’s defense, but he killed everyone! !
"Damn it! ! Is there no way! !”
Breaking the defense is like a nightmare for people. They have no ability to fight in World War I at all! !
In this way, there is no way to resist the monster sang Haicheng, and the army has joined the battle. Even if the sea tactics are used to stop it, it is still throwing eggs at stones.
The powerful steel rule beast tramples on people’s lives, whether it is a player or an army np, but it has not even left a scratch.
"What the hell is this? Whether it’s magic or physical attack doesn’t work! !” Players are deeply desperate and full of fear for the beast with blue face and fangs in front of them.
"Woo hoo hoo! !”
A roar, people were almost tourist trap, but suddenly a white figure flashed from the height to a second, and a bright silver light instantly bloomed! ! !
The steel rule beast’s body actually retreated more than ten meters away in that powerful attack, and his cyan scales also had a shallow sword mark, but there was no substantial damage! !