Fang Yin, according to the fact that there has been no movement, always feels that there is any connection between the small white flower and its companion, and the symbiosis in his body. The speculation is as chaotic as the branches and vines in front of him. Fang Yin can’t figure out a clue to feel inexplicable.

"Afraid?" Qin Yougui watched the listless young man pull out two strawberry fudge by magic from his pocket.
Small candy lying in a man’s big palm is more and more delicate.
Fang Yin was attracted by two strawberry candies, and came out of the unhappy state. Some eyes lit up and took two candies from his hand.
A small dimple appeared on his lips.
The young man opened the package and stuffed a sweet strawberry into his mouth. As soon as it exploded in his mouth, the sweetness flowed along the taste buds to the apex of his heart.
Fang Yin put the tip of her tongue carefully against the candy and felt the little thing melt in her mouth a little bit, unwilling to let her teeth wear it a little bit.
It was not until the last bit of candy was turned into sugar water and swallowed into the stomach pouch that I was willing to speak "Where is the sugar?"
Qin Yougui smiled and knocked on his forehead and said, "Is it a little late to ask after eating?"
Fang Yin Wu wear was knocked on the head novel way "then don’t ask"
Anyway, he must want to eat sugar
"Before searching for materials, I saw two conveniently placed plates." Qin Yi shook his head slightly and said with some smiles on his lips.
Fang Yin tossed and turned a piece of strawberry fudge in the palm of his hand for a long time, and then stuffed it into Qin Yi’s hand. "You can eat it, one for each person."
Qin Yougui confiscated it and pushed it back like a child. "I don’t like sweet food. Come here to ask you to go to the meeting. The other members of Li Xing have arrived."
At last, I didn’t want to eat the strawberry fudge in one breath. He slipped it into his coat pocket and was afraid that it would be covered by body temperature and stuffed it into his trousers pocket.
It’s like it’s not a candy, but something great, baby.
Fang Yin must buy a lot of strawberry fudge when this happens.
When two people arrived, Fang Yin realized that it was not one or two people who were referred to by other members in Qin’s mouth.
I remember that it was a little difficult to settle down in a fairly wide base after a close circle.
Inside, Fang Yin saw more than one familiar face.
Feng Beixi’s little head looked a little inconspicuous in the crowd. She jumped up and waved to Fang Yin and said, "Hello! Long time no see! "
The girl "Ge Fang Yin Ge" heard Feng Bei’s precious sound and turned around in the crowd and smiled at two people. Next to her was a bell banquet that was inseparable from her.
Besides, Lin Qiushan and his little apprentice Rong are also here.
Fang Yin’s face was not surprised, but rather dignified. He and Qin Yougui could hear the voice mumbling, "Isn’t this really an illusion?"
What are they … all here?
Chapter one hundred and sixty Quarrel
"It’s not an illusion!"
His doubts fell into Feng Bei’s ear. The little girl smiled and waved and said, "Didn’t you say that?" I came here this time to find Sister Yi, and I happened to meet Ringo and this little sister. Fortunately, we went with them, or we couldn’t handle those annoying vines. "
Fang Yin looked around for a week and didn’t see Zhao Yi, so he went back to see Qin Yougui and saw the man nod his head before he put some heart into it.
"These people …" Fang Yin found several strange faces and asked.
Feng Beixi followed the sound and smiled and explained, "It’s all our people. The man with a long scar on his face is the head of the Northeast Team, often called Chang Jiuye, and the fat man named Lu Xiangfeng is the captain of the Central Plains Team. Don’t look at his amiable appearance, but he is actually a thousand-year-old fox and the blond foreign man. His Chinese name is Dong, and his original name is a long string. He drifted in all the way from abroad and was collected by Li Xing with a group of foreigners …"
Feng Beixi talked about the identities and names of these people to Fang Yin. During this process, Fang Yin found many people who actually had a fate. After the second dreamland, Li Xing was the first stationed place in the spacious villa in Fang Yin’s impression.
Zhao Yi once held a meeting, and many lucky people came to attend it, just don’t know if they were still in these capacities at that time.
"The seal? Fang Yin! " Feng Beixi found that he didn’t speak for half a ring and didn’t know what he was thinking. He reached out and tiptoed in front of him and said, "What are you thinking? Why are you still in a daze? You are not a social fear, are you, big brother? "
"A little" Fang Yin was too lazy to explain and nodded and admitted directly.
Feng Bei snorted his arm around his arm and said, "It’s really good that everyone has introduced him. Wait a minute. Sister Deliberately should arrange it for us."
Fang Yin looked curious and asked, "How do you know so much?"
"I’m the one in charge of intelligence in each team." Feng Bei said with a wave, proud and smiling. "It’s normal to know this."
"Then what are we going to do next?" Fang yin asked
Feng Beixi pondered for a moment and said, "Sister Yi means that there is a secret to disperse the fog in the mountain city. This is the purpose of this trip, but it is very dangerous inside. According to Sister Yi’s usual practice, although she very much hopes that everyone will actively help, she still follows the wishes of others. Anyway, don’t worry! Being able to live in the fog today has its own things to listen to. I have arranged to believe in Li Xing. "
Somehow, this thin little girl is afraid to speak, but it really makes Fang Yin feel at ease.
Qin Yougui was taken away by Qin Sang after bringing him here.