Tang Luoling immediately smiled. She was naturally happy to send away a bear, and there was no animal pet in a cloudy day. This bear was just born, which can directly transform its spirit and wisdom. It should be cultivated into a spirit beast!

Thought of here, she thought of going against the sky and making the Phantom Bear a pocket pet at ordinary times. It seems good to become an adult bear when fighting. Chapter 474 Phantom Bear 5
This couple must not provoke!
Summer Hou Lian saw that the two men got along well with each other and immediately made a decision to provoke one of them, which was simply to attract two death warrants to Luo Cha!
At night, everyone ate meat, and in the summer, although it was too cruel to dislike it, it immediately jumped at the smell.
Tang Luoling joked, "Cousin Lian, where have you been?"
"What is moral integrity? I don’t know it all the time!"
Summer Hou Lian immediately a serious answer.
This makes Tang Luoling watch him gobble up, which is simply a hungry ghost reborn.
His moral integrity has fallen all over the floor, but he doesn’t care about his moral integrity in front of delicious food.
At night, in the dark, there is a small hip flask in each other’s hands.
Tang Luoling looked at the bonfire not far away. "You should know the woman in red tonight, right?"
"Miss Hongyan Desperate Palace"
Yunlie day was as usual light way
"She’s a secret. Many heartless imperial secretaries actually come here. Did they fight against the temple?"
Yunlie Day shook his head and gave the answer, "Desperate Palace and Temple are sworn enemies, and it is impossible to jointly deal with our night palace."
Tang Luoling took a sip of his wine and finally made a decision. "Forget it. I think it’s better to keep it from my grandfather. Anyway, they didn’t want to offend us, so it’s better to do more than less."
"It’s time for us to develop outward in the next month. Are you ready?"
Tang Luoling means to go to Yunjiabao.
Yunlie looked at her deeply. "It’s good if you decide."
"Then leave in three days."
In three days, it’s time for the Phantom Bear to turn on the psychic, so it can stay in her room.
"Shine to find the cloud home after the treasure I want to leave XiangZhou you …"
He was a little afraid that she would refuse to follow her. After all, there are her relatives here.
Tang Luoling gave him a wink. "You’re going to meet them in the stars. I know I’ll follow you, too. I also need some help from them."
It seems that it’s not cloudy, the treasure of the family should be found in time, and then Zhuangqi’s wheelchair should be installed quickly, so that they can better arrange their duties.
Three days passed quickly.
Three men, Tang Luoling, Yun Lietian and Xia Houlian, went to Zhuang Lao Guo Gong Yuan to report to his old man’s house. Three men went out to rush into the jungle.
Zhuang Lao frenzy got a fright when he heard that the three of them were going to rush into the jungle. "Just the three of you? Is there any danger? Do you want those kids to go with you? "
"Grandfather, the three of us are enough. Don’t you still have a cousin! He is the strength of Emperor Wu. What do you have to worry about? "
Tang Luoling immediately pushed Xia Houlian out.
In summer, resentment is worse than staring at her. She is waking up. Emperor Wu can’t even win in a fierce day. We agreed not to expose him. Why are you poking him now?
"Can you really protect the shine and the fierce sky?"
Zhuang Lao immediately stared at Xia Houlian and questioned him.
Summer Hou Lian has the strength to answer, "Grandfather, I will protect them. Chapter 475, 475, Different times are banned."
Tang Luoling’s nostrils hum gently in a fierce day, which makes his hearing very good. When he hears it in summer, he stares at them.
But see their husband and wife above eyes immediately shrank back.
He can’t beat the couple by himself!
It is even more actionable to think of being wronged here.
Xia Houlian was nagged by the old Lord protector of Zhuang for a whole half hour, and almost lost his temper. Tang Luoling just opened his mouth to clear the way. "Grandfather, our horse is leaving. Take care of yourself and your grandmother. We will definitely come back."
"Shine, be careful."
Tang Luoling nodded his head, and then three people left the Sichuan Waterfall Villa with a reluctant expression on their face in Zhuang Lao’s frenzy.
Just out of the door, the teleporting wood tree is waiting for them.
"Miss Tang agreed to be your bodyguard, so it’s not too much to suddenly hide away, is it?"
Zhu Yi looked unhappy because wearing a mask didn’t make people recognize his displeasure.
"Since you are aware of it, let’s go."
Tang Luoling glanced at him and pretended to be in front of her. It was really amazing.
However, Zhu Yi is also a character. He didn’t intend to take him, but he knew that his party was leaving today. It was better to take him when he knew the array. When the three of them were blind, Tang Luoling never thought that it was a super correct decision for her to take Zhu Yi!
Because the valley bottom of Sichuan Waterfall is 10,000 meters away, they can let the teleporting wood take them to swim.
The whole Sichuan waterfall jungle covers a wide area, and there is no edge in sight.
Although it is not as big as the pale beast country, it is definitely one-fifth as big as the pale beast country.
The four men walked all the way. Tang Luoling motioned for the summer to find the bottom of the Sichuan Waterfall. They walked along the path and walked deeper and deeper. The heavier the humidity, the more miasma came.
Tang Luoling looked at the surrounding environment and immediately woke them up. "The miasma around is poisonous, so you all detoxify Dan and then mobilize the fighting spirit to resist the invasion of miasma!"
Without saying anything, the three big men immediately quarreled and moved on.
After walking for about 300 meters, I can’t see the environment in front of me. After the white mans mist enters, I am afraid I will get lost in it.
Tang Luoling was thinking about how to get in, but Zhu Yi said at this time, "We can’t get through if there is a ban here."
"Can you solve it?"
"No, but I can suspend this ban for a short time so that we can get in and out safely."
Zhu Yi told the truth that he really didn’t understand such a strange ban.
"Then what is this prohibition?"