Chapter one hundred and ninety-six: Killing Sages and Hiding (11)-Fighting Force

Chapter one hundred and ninety-six: Killing Sages and Hiding (11)-Fighting Force
Although I was heartbroken when I arrived, even the existing magic weapon was too late to sacrifice, Tang Qing grasped the most basic things and tried to improve everything that could be improved.
After forming then, it goes without saying that the cultivation has been improved. For Tang Qing, the most important change is that his fighting style can be fundamentally changed.
Tang Qing has always grasped very clearly that his strongest point is always close combat. Even after Tang Qing grasped the pulse of psychic attribute, it didn’t change.
Only before that, due to the restriction of not being able to fly, Tang Qing could not give full play to this advantage when fighting with monks.
In the air, it is impossible to achieve real hand-to-hand combat by means of issuing instruments. This is an unavoidable shortcoming for any bodybuilder, and Tang Qing is no exception.
Because of this, after the success of Jiedan, Tang Qing first learned not to sacrifice magic weapons, nor to practice gold evasion, but to learn to fly-flying in the air.
For flying, Tang Qing has two goals, one is speed and the other is attitude.
The ultimate way of hand-to-hand combat is that the whole body can be used as a weapon. If it is on the ground, Tang Qing is very strong in this respect, better than the vast majority of people in this world. But if in the air, it seems that there is no experience to borrow, and Tang Qing can only study it by himself.
This requires a premise, the mastery of flying skills and balance.
This is what Tang Qing practiced all the way. Although he is not very skilled, he can barely cope with the scene.
At the moment, at an altitude of 100 meters, I saw that Tang Qing, who was originally in a hurry, turned and twisted her body lightly, and her upper body stood upright, and the whole person instantly returned to normal posture.
Ignoring the tremendous pressure from the body, he broke through the air in an indomitable manner, and shot at Yan Hui like a bullet leaving the chamber.
At the same time, Tang Qing left a recruit, put away the spirit boat fluttering in the air, and then wiped it again, and a white cat appeared on his shoulder.
When Qian Yu saw it, she couldn’t even care about fighting. She cried out in surprise: "Meow!"
The next moment, Tang Qing’s right hand swung out one after another, and the old routine continued. However, in the five bursts of flying swords, there was a sword that was extremely common and indestructible, which was very disappointing.
Yan Hui is dead at the moment, and Yan Zheng and Qin Qi are more torn apart. They both know that if anything happens to Yan Hui, what will happen to them.
No matter who you are, you will be surprised to break out in a cold sweat when you see others offering such a long string of flying swords one after another. What’s more, Tang Qing’s sudden flying in the air was too shocking.
"You are Dan."
Yan Hui’s eyes are full of disbelief and fear, and her voice is extremely horrified.
At the moment, Tang Qing fully displays, and can no longer conceal his nature. The unique coercion of the Godsworn in the Dan period is scattered in the air, giving Yan Hui the feeling of being like Tianwei.
It’s not that Yan Hui has little knowledge, but this series of changes is really hard for him to understand and accept. When I saw Tang Qing in the temple, he was clearly just entering the late stage of the foundation. It was only a few days ago. He just married Dan?
Previously, Tang Qing fell down with a very handsome and natural attitude, and it was precisely because of this that Yan Hui had no doubt. Repairing this thing is not something you can install if you want, and it will only take two months to be at the very most.
In the later period of Tsukiji, the monks married Dan in two months. Can this be imagined by cunning and treachery?
Before he recovered from the shock, five flying swords, which were almost in a line, seemed to dig a knife in Yan Hui’s heart. When manipulating five flying swords seems to be a temple, he seems to be in a hurry to cast a small spell. How can he manipulate five flying swords now?
At the moment, Yan Hui’s mind has only one thought left, so hurry back.
He didn’t even have time to manipulate guillotines Huiyuan Yan Hui to take it for granted that he didn’t compare with Tang Qing’s mana at all, and the speed of manipulating the multiplier was naturally too different. At this time, guillotines and Tang Qing are already in the same line. It is obviously too late to rely on their Huiyuan to deal with these flying swords.
Mind DianZhuan, Yan Hui teeth under instant decision. Guillotines crashing burst open, Yan Hui hands a clap again, a pair of hook multiplier rotating fly out, to meet the several direct fly sword.
At the same time, Yan Hui with a roar, suddenly around the body sends out a heavy black fog, wrapped his body, hurry back and go.
Originally so decided, Yan Hui can really escape the immediate bullet. At this time, Yan Zhen and Qin Qi have been desperate to fly up and fly here like a fisherman. Qin Qi was swept away from his body by a glittering palm, and he spit out one mouthful blood on the spot, which seriously injured him.
Had meaning can only do this step, Wu Bo where there are two almost intact Godsworn Dan to join the fight, they are also hard to come.
Just a little, Yan Hui can escape. Unfortunately, a spectacle made him pause again.
Five seemingly arrogant flying swords, the first three were directly smashed by the double hook, and the fourth one was still hit by the double hook. It was not until the fifth flying sword came into contact with the double hook that Yan Hui felt the pressure, and the double hook suddenly shook, showing signs of malfunction.
Where’s the flying sword It all fell to the ground, and some fragments were scattered in the air.
There is no explanation for this situation. That’s the flying sword of the giant sword gate. That’s the flying sword used by Godsworn Dan. That’s the flying sword used by Tang Qing. It was actually scattered directly by a Godsworn Tsukiji.
Of course, Yan Hui is very strong, and the guys he uses are first-class. But if he can have such power, he must not be called a cow any more. He should be called a longicorn flying in the sky.
Therefore, the tragic Yan Hui is involuntarily stunned. Just like the gangster in the "Shuanglong Club", there was a sudden feeling that I was so powerful and his judgment was so weak.
This judgment only lasted in Yan Hui’s mind … Half breath, that is, a flash, and then Yan Hui immediately saw the reason why he almost vomited blood with anger.
If let Yan Hui choose, he really would rather not understand.
Tang Qing’s eyes don’t have the shadow of those flying swords. guillotines blew himself up at almost 100 meters under his feet. What impact can it have on Tang Qing?
Don’t say that he still has a shield that is fixed with Dan. Even with bare arms, if this level of impact wants to hurt Tang Ye, I’m afraid that the doyen who created the Vajrayana tactic will jump out of the mud to settle accounts with Tang Ye and scold him for losing the face of his ancestors.
When Yan Hui reacted again and wanted to retreat, Tang Qing was already 50 meters away from him
There is no time for running and flying, and there is a continuous pause. Yan Hui’s only hope is to hide behind Yan Zheng and others who have arrived. Now, he has completely lost this opportunity.
Meow meow a roar, fairy shake three shake; At the first hand of the nine operators, God shakes it.
Through the battle with the lack of heart, Tang Qing is convinced that these two kinds of killing tactics that can make the opponent a meal will become his own signboard in the future.
As long as the order difference is not too big, it won’t make meow dangerous. This kind of soul shock is definitely a big killer that can’t dodge, defend or be exempted.
Of course, there is a premise that you must be able to use such a little time to give your opponent great damage. Otherwise, the loss outweighs the gain.
Tang Qing has even made up his mind that once he is free, he should give priority to finding a way to make meow meow advanced, especially for him.
Ignoring the magical powers that two Godsworn Jiedan attacked him, Tang Qing flew into the black fog, lifted his feet and made moves.
After two pauses, Yan Hui could only stare at unbelievable and desperate eyes, watching Tang Qingchao punch himself, kick him, wave his hand, and then be kicked out for more than ten meters like a chicken.
Until the end, Yan Hui also made a mistake. This kind of black fog is very powerful against ordinary monks. Just for Tang Qing, it is completely useless.
Life’s core monuments’s magic gas cultivated by a small magic workshop that only built the foundation, if compared with those absorbed by Tang Ye on the poisonous mosquito mountain, it is flattering to compare mosquitoes with elephants.
Yan Hui didn’t die, his body flew out, and a long blood arrow was blown out in the air, even with pieces of meat in it, but he didn’t die after all.
A cold incomparable, powerful spirit force suddenly broke out on Yan Hui, along the direction of Yan Hui being thrown, and headed for Tang Qing.
Even if they didn’t bear the attack, the rest of the people at the scene were like falling into an ice cave in an instant, and they could clearly feel the anger and murder contained in this spirit. Of course, what scares them even more is that the power of this idea shows what kind of cultivation the owner who owns it is.
"Ha ha"


There’s another watch at night
Chapter 1 The Tiger Monkey King is called’ liu er’
"Except for some fixed injury skills, all skill injuries are affected by the mental strength of both sides, and the battle environment, psychological weapons and equipment of both sides, etc. can all affect the skill effect. The specific impact ratio fluctuates and the data is accurately converted. Read the latest chapter >
The skills of the five elements will increase or decrease according to the principle of good luck, the five elements interacting with each other and the spiritual strength values of both sides. If the spiritual strength difference between the two sides is too large or the attributes of the five elements are chaotic, the actual increase and decrease effects will change to some extent. The accurate ratio of this change has approximate data.
Attacking key parts or special areas, the enemy’s physical strength is reduced to a certain extent, or the opponent has a special effect. There is a certain chance to produce a fatal blow effect. The probability of this effect varies according to the strength of both sides, the battlefield environment, mentality and good luck. "
In addition to learning the inflammation spell, Li Feiyang also received such a string that he suddenly understood that the damage effect of his skills will change according to many factors, such as the data that the inflammation spell damage is 1, but it will actually change due to many factors.
Once the five elements are involved, it will increase or weaken the effect according to the principle that the five elements generate each other, so that the final injury data will increase a lot of variables. It can be expected that the more the five elements are involved, the greater this variable will be. For example, if the other party is an intensive judge of the five elements, there will be changes in Li Feiyang’s five elements skills, and the more chaotic and complicated the five elements are, the more incredible this change result will be.
In addition, if the attack is aimed at key parts or some special areas, there may be a fatal blow effect, or the physical value may fall to a certain extent, or the other party may be injured, poisoned and other States, but this magical effect is even less accurate. Calculation method and basis.
However, there is one attribute that can affect various effects, and that is good luck.
Li Feiyang had never considered adding the attribute of "good luck" before, because he felt that this item seemed to be nothing, and the good luck didn’t increase when upgrading. Even if Li Feiyang added it to this side, he felt that some waves were lower than the other four items even if he added the same amount of good luck, but now Li Feiyang should seriously consider it. If good luck has any effect on various States, then it should be good to add it appropriately.
One night, instead of being tired, Li Feiyang was in high spirits and refreshed. After getting up and simply washing, Li Feiyang had to do morning runs every day.
Li Feiyang, who is running, seems to have some different degrees today, which is higher than yesterday, not to mention that he is also full of physical strength. What is even more amazing is that every time he feels tired, he will produce a warm current in his own practice of fire-fighting meridians and then instantly rush to his body to soothe his fatigue.
It’s just an hour after three laps. It’s the first time since Li Feiyang ran that Mochizuki Ayumu, a drunken fairy, has finished three laps in one hour.
If there are five elements of elders who follow Cheng, they will be surprised that Li Feiyang’s degree and physical strength are few among the younger brothers of the five elements, and now Li Feiyang is one of them.
In fact, according to the training level of normal people, Li Feiyang can never achieve such an effect in such a short time. It is precisely because of the help of cultivating immortality that Li Feiyang can get a physical fitness or posture upgrade every time, which in turn affects and improves Li Feiyang’s physique. Li Feiyang’s physical fitness will rise so fast in this cycle.
After running, Li Feiyang once again came to practice the cliff yesterday to continue practicing the fire.
Last night, Li Feiyang practiced all night and got through three channels in the meridians. He didn’t know that it was unprecedented in the Five Elements Sect. If the elders of the Five Elements Sect knew it, they would be amazed that Li Feiyang was a wizard of uniting!
The reason why he entered the country so quickly is that Li Feiyang did not rely on the help of Dan medicine or the help of Master like other brothers, but abruptly completed the process by his own perseverance, which made his meditation foundation very solid. The second reason is that Li Feiyang has gained a lot of spiritual strength because of cultivating immortality. Although he has never practiced real dharma, this spiritual strength has already laid a solid foundation for Qi, which played an important role in the attack.
There are thirteen ways to practice meridians by fire determination. According to the fire determination, the thirteen ways are described, and the first realm of practice is achieved, that is, the so-called foundation period.
According to the five elements of dzogchen’s cultivation method, Li Feiyang must cultivate five kinds of achievement methods at the same time if he wants to cultivate all five elements, and the limitation of these five kinds of achievement methods is that once the three paths pass through three paths, practicing other methods will affect the entry and get hurt.
Li Feiyang naturally doesn’t know that he has gone astray in the practice road.
Sitting cross-legged, Li Feiyang once again entered a state of meditation and practiced fire.
Pure yang qi runs in three lanes and then continues to the fourth lane. After several conflicts, the fourth lane is rushed smoothly, and then the fifth, sixth and seventh lanes. Only when the qi gradually weakens, Li Feiyang takes a deep breath and slowly closes his eyes.
"Ah ~ ~! ! !” Li Feiyang’s eyes were wide open and suddenly he was shocked. A face full of golden retrievers almost stuck to his face, red face and big eyes like black grapes. It looked very strange and frightening.
Li Feiyang’s roar loud immediately startled the "thing" in front of his face, and heard a scream of "cheep". A pair of sharp claws shua shua scratched Li Feiyang’s face for two times and then the "thing" jumped in three steps and two steps.
Li Feiyang choked back the pain in his face and looked at the golden monkey lying in front of him. His appearance was somewhat similar to that of a tiger monkey. He was much thinner than that of a tiger monkey, but he was a queer look. What surprised Li Feiyang most was that his ears were crystal clear and he had three small earlobes in each ear …
Chapter 19 liu er Friendship
Li Feiyang looked at the little monkey, and the little monkey was also curious to look at Li Feiyang’s dark and liquid eyes. Blinking is very cute. The little monkey is not tall. Li Feiyang’s knees look like a golden hairball. Read the latest chapter >
Li Feiyang rubbed his face and then carefully approached the little monkey for two steps. As a result, the little monkey squeaked nervously and regressed for two steps. Li Feiyang went forward again, and the little monkey retreated again. Unconsciously, one person and one monkey had retreated to the edge of the cliff.
Seeing the little monkey is behind the cliff, Li Feiyang unconsciously stretched out his hand and shouted, "Don’t retreat behind …"
Li Feiyang stretched out his hand and startled the little monkey. He took a step back again and his feet fell backwards.
Li Feiyang suddenly moved the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu, and the whole person drew a string of virtual shadows and went forward. After several months of exercise, Li Feiyang’s degree was already much higher. At this time, the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu’s four-fold bonus was added to the body, and the degree was even faster. If the distance of seven or seven meters was almost one step, he crossed the past and blinked to the little monkey near and reached for the little monkey.
As a result, Li Fei just reached out and froze.
At this time, the little monkey hung to the ground. As a result, I didn’t expect that a slender long tail was thrown high behind its half-body, and then it was severely smoked on the cliff. Peng, a crunchy hard cliff was smashed by the little monkey’s tail force, and several huge stones were scattered and splashed. Then the rebound force suddenly rose by several meters directly above Li Feiyang’s head.
Even if it is high, it will be high. However, the little monkey’s smoke makes his body deviate from the direction and fall to the outside of the cliff.
Li Feiyang reached out and grabbed it, but missed it by a few inches. Seeing the little monkey slowly rising and then rapidly falling, the frightened look was already revealed in his big eyes. Li Feiyang was well-intentioned and the whole person struggled to leap forward and hugged the little monkey.
One person, one monkey, just fell down.
The little monkey was clever enough to hold it in Li Feiyang’s arms, and it was on Li Feiyang’s shoulder that he quickly turned to Li Feiyang’s back and grabbed Li Feiyang’s head with his paws, then closed his eyes tightly.
Li Feiyang heard the wind ringing in his ears, and the scene in front of him flew and changed, flashing with a trembling feeling. From the back of his spine, he rushed to the top of his head, and his muscles were tensed instantly. Li Feiyang quietly looked at the corner of his eye and saw the jagged smoke clouds in the square. I don’t know how deep and far it is. The whole person is like walking on clouds, and it is difficult for him to breathe without any effort.
At this time, Li Feiyang’s fear in the face of death threats has reached the limit, but Rao is so. Instead, his heart is well-connected and quiet. At this time, Mochizuki Ayumu’s skills are still going on. Although half-French efforts are made, Li Feiyang can still swing slightly and quickly to maintain his body balance. Otherwise, he would have rolled horizontally and vertically at this time.
Li Feiyang and the little monkey flew in my mind and turned several thoughts in an instant. The mind flashed to cultivate immortality and quietly flashed a thick-bladed broadsword in the hands of Li Feiyang.
Then Li Feiyang drank a lot of feet and kicked several bodies in the middle, and immediately rushed towards the cliff.
After three blood coagulation exhausted Li Feiyang’s eyes were wide open and the broadsword was aimed at the cliff and inserted in the past!
Bang ~ ~ ! When ~ ~! ! A dull explosion followed by a crisp sound of gold and iron. Li Feiyang’s body is like a flying table tennis ball. First, it was severely hit by a cliff, and then it was smashed by a thick-bladed broadsword in the hand of a crashing bomb. The violent impact made his chest as painful as pieces, and poof spouted one mouthful blood.
At 27 o’clock, the physical value fell to the bottom of the valley in an instant, then jumped again, then slowly fell, then continued to rise, and finally remained around 2 o’clock.
Fortunately, Li Feiyang had the foresight to exhaust three blood clots first, otherwise the impact would have killed him!
"The cumulative effect can be achieved by recovering a single person’s physical strength by 5 points after blood coagulation and recovering the physical strength by 1 point in the next 15 seconds."
This also startled Li Feiyang’s little monkey. It panicked and screamed sharply. Two golden claws pulled Li Feiyang’s head and made Li Feiyang’s scalp ache.
Is Li Feiyang at this time has been unable to attend to these a bump, although let him suffered heavy losses, but it delayed some of his own fall without hesitation, throwing out half the blade to cultivate immortality and flashing a long sword again in the hands of Li Feiyang.
Fortunately, Li Feiyang immediately rushed to the injury after the blood coagulation was exhausted, and the pain in his body was not so obvious. He summoned up his strength and struggled to pounce and inserted the sword toward the cliff.
When ~ ~! The sword broke faster than the broadsword, but this time Li Feiyang had the experience and didn’t let himself jump too close. His hands were torn by a huge piece of flesh and blood.
Li Feiyang once again, the physical value of the two blood coagulation exhausted again rose to around 24 o’clock.
Will broken arrow thrown Li Feiyang again took out a long knife and jumped at the cliff again …
Li Feiyang now hates that he didn’t steal more weapons and pills to cultivate immortality. There are nine more weapons. Li Feiyang broke the weapons one by one, even though he was constantly delaying his fall, but there was still a long way to go before he fell to the cliff. And this time and again, he was constantly injured and finally entered a state of continuous injury. His physical strength slowly fell. He could continue to eat the pills he stole, and the blood was scattered, and the grass was returned to Dan … In a short time, Li Feiyang had lost more than half of the pills in the cultivation ring, and there was less than half left.
And most of these Dan medicines are true qi medicines, and the physical medicine has a few left …
Take a deep breath. Li Feiyang has seen the cliff low. According to his estimation, there is still a distance of about 100 meters. There is still one last weapon in the cultivation of immortality ring. If we grasp the opportunity, we will have a chance.
The little monkey was very frightened. Later, when he saw Li Feiyang holding a weapon again and again to slow down the fall, he gradually calmed down. Instead of being afraid, he was excited and screamed. It seemed to be very fun, but he didn’t know that Li Feiyang was already the last fight. Life and death are still unknown!
Xiu Xian Jie flashed Li Feiyang and took out the last weapon. As a result, he suddenly roared with despair on his face!

So he began to reflect on his previous way of dealing with people, and he was much smoother in dealing with the relationship with the top.

This is true for Lotito.
Although he helped Lotito solve many problems and difficulties, the club’s debt of up to 100 million euros was paid off by himself. But he never thought that he was Lotito’s savior. He helped the falling body without asking for anything in return.
He abides by his duty as a head coach, only taking charge of the team’s one acre and three points, and at the same time giving other managers enough respect.
Even Tare, the general manager of the club, whose status is far less than his own, has shown considerable respect and has no shelf at all.
This makes Tare run willingly even if he runs errands for himself.
This is also a proof of maturity.
A man, almost forty years old, has been a man for more than ten years. If he can’t mature, his brain must have developmental problems-commonly known as brain damage.
Constant success is not brain-dead, so he has matured. He knows when to give in and when to give in.
The good atmosphere of cooperation also makes him willing to stay in Lazio.
Now he doesn’t stay here to conquer Italy and punch Rome in the face. He thinks Lazio is a place suitable for him to do great things, more suitable than any other place.
I have devoted all my efforts here. How could he leave?
In another club, the personal treatment may be much better. With his current achievements, he gets the annual salary of the world’s number one coach, not to mention 10 million, even if it is 20 million euros, there are clubs willing to pay.
But he won’t go.
Because Lazio suits itself best, and it suits Lazio itself.
Just like falling in love, I only think about beautiful women at first, but later I find that beautiful women despise themselves. At the same time, there are also some pursuers who are pursuing themselves, but they despise them. This is a contradiction.
Now that I have finally found a woman I value and the other person really likes me, what is the need to think about other women? Just hold hands with this woman and grow old together …
Changsheng told Lotito about his intention to win Nesta.
As he expected, Lotito did not object.
Not only did I not object, but I welcomed the proposal with both hands.
"Nesta is our flag! It is the eternal pain in the hearts of all Lazio fans. If you can bring it back … that would be great! "
For Lotito, this is really a good thing.
As he said, Nesta is the eternal pain in the hearts of all Lazio fans. If Nesta can return, then the pain can be erased and the injured heart can be comforted.
Whose head will this matter end up on?
Constant success is naturally the first achievement, but your own contribution is indispensable, right?
Anyway, Lazio’s flag was lost in cragnotti’s hands, and then it was found in his own hands.
When we talk about it in the future, why should we mention our own names and write a note for ourselves?
That’s why Lotito has to support the winning streak.
After getting Lotito’s support, Changsheng began to contact Nesta.
Of course, he didn’t go to Nesta at once, which was too abrupt.
He first contacted Nesta’s agent, Vicenzo Morabito.
He asked about the possibility of Morabito Nesta returning to Lazio.
Morabito was very excited when he got a call from Changsheng.
Although he is the agent of a big-name star, he is not unaware of the position of Changsheng in today’s European football.
Ever-victorious would call him personally. When he knew it was ever-victorious, to tell the truth, Morabito was a little "flattered".
Then when he understood the purpose of Chang Sheng’s call, his brain began to tell him to work.
He wondered … will this matter have any impact on the renewal of Nesta’s contract with AC Milan?
If so, is it good or bad?
If Nesta wants to stay in AC Milan, he needs to accept the change from a two-year contract to a one-year contract, and his salary will be greatly reduced.
AC Milan offered Nesta an annual salary of 2.5 million euros.
This annual salary is insulting to Nesta.
Because at the same time, AC Milan are in contact with Roma’s main central defender Mexes.
Media rumors that Galliani offered Mexes an annual salary of 4.5 million euros …
The salary of a world-class central defender who has won the Champions League and the World Cup is half that of a central defender who has no honor. Is this not an insult?
Now that Lazio suddenly stepped in, will it make Galliani change his mind?
Or … What kind of contract can Lazio offer Nesta?
Morabito told Chang Sheng that he would ask Nesta’s opinion first.
Chang Sheng nodded: "It’s natural. I just want to hear Nesta’s opinion about returning to Lazio."
Nesta’s eyes lit up when he heard the invitation from Lazio from his agent Morabito.
As soon as Morabito saw Nesta’s expression, he knew that the renewal of AC Milan was probably hanging …
So he quickly said, "I often didn’t tell him how much annual salary contract I intend to offer you …"
Nesta shook his head: "This is the only chance, Vicenzo. Since I left Lazio, I never thought I would have a chance to go back. But … if there is a chance, I think I will go back. I have only a few years left in my career, Vicenzo. I hope to end my career in Lazio. "
Morabito rolled his eyes in his mind: If you really want to retire at Lazio, what are you talking about renewing your contract with AC Milan?
But that’s what he said in his heart, but he didn’t dare to really say it.
He knows Lazio’s place in Nesta’s mind. He has played in AC Milan for ten years, and he has deep feelings for AC Milan, just like the woman he loves deeply.
But Lazio is his home, where he was born and raised.
No matter where he goes, he can change many women, he can have many children, but his home is only one.
Morabito has lamented Galliani in his heart now-if you had given us a salary that satisfied us earlier, it wouldn’t have happened!
Chapter three hundred and fifty-eight Nesta’s choice
Morabito lamented Galliani, which shows that he still prefers to stay in AC Milan.
Because he thinks it is impossible for Lazio, a poor club, to pay too much. If they really want Nesta to go, they will definitely let Nesta reduce his salary.
Maybe the salary is lower than that in AC Milan.

"You are asking for a dead end ….."

See not dream means Chen Shaobai laughed.
He got chaos clock Li Cheng’s double fire of purple and gold, which has the ability of extinction and melting. Can you say that the emperor who is inflamed by Vulcan is worthy of the name? If you don’t meet the great avatar of the fairyland, you can be called the enemy of fire. This bald monk is simply dying to play with fire in front of him.
A dazzling golden Se flame is suspended from the hand, and it will disappear in a moment like pure yang melting snow when you gently press it against the dark evil fire of the hell dharma circle.
The black flame dissipates a trace of silvery white Se holy light, which is entangled in the red and yellow cocoon and condensed into an ear outline. The holy and noble breath escapes, and human beings seem to be able to bow their heads and not to be close to it.
Once the Buddhist practitioner is trained in Fiona Fang, everything can be smelled everywhere. This thing is saying that the talent of practicing Buddhism without dreams is really excellent, even if it is not a magical posture, the future will be perfect and perfect
Chen Shaobai shook his head and hand Jin Yan was transformed into Xuan Y and N, and the whole cocoon in front of the tremella was burning.
Every ray of silver Se grain and red yellow cocoon will be transformed into rich and pure J Τ ng gas and mana life source, which will be absorbed and strengthened by Xuan Y Τ n industry fire refining.
Huge mana kept coming together. Chen Shaobai felt that his losses were quickly made up, but after two or three breaths, his state had already returned to the peak except that God J and NG was slightly tired. His mana was still constantly rising in J and NG.
Extremely yang inflammation and Xuan y and n fire are both manifestations of his mana source. Although the two methods are transformed into each other, no matter which side gets growth, it will drive itself to improve.
The purple Se flame is constantly melting and absorbing the dream source, expanding itself, and after three breaths, its volume is more than doubled, and it is more solid and hotter.
"Come and save me before I feel round!"
The squeal screams came from the big cocoon of red and yellow Se, which made the two monks one leng while they were fighting at night.
I found that I was scared out of my wits when I didn’t dream about the present situation. If I hadn’t practiced the special body-refining secret technique, my hair would have faded all over. I’m afraid it would have been fine hair and jumped up like a big cat.
Three fellow initiates’ "Linxi Luohan Array" is the dreamless subject. If they have an accident and have no dreams, they will suffer some self-hatred, but if it is reversed …
If it’s light, the foundation will be wasted, but if it’s heavy, it’s past!
"Evil animals! Don’t let the dream lawyer go! "
Not round and not feel two people abandon seriously injured, can nullify the flower night at will, regardless of the moment to inspire the fastest speed to Chen Shaobai fit.
Releasing the biggest killing trick hidden in the life training array, Zhutian Tufu Road, Qiu Wanfa has no action ability now. He can only rely on the automatic protection ability of the training array to protect himself. It is impossible to save people. When he saw that Chen Shaobai was still pressing in the hell road with one hand, he immediately said, "Chen Daoyou, be careful!"
Xuan y: and n: the purple flame of the industrial fire will still be wrapped around it, and the silver Se ear will be completely melted and absorbed. The breath of Chen Shaobai is still soaring at the speed of light, and he seems to be completely isolated from the outside world to prevent his heart.
The two monks’ blood-red cassocks echoed with the wind and turned into a true spirit, and the palms of their hands were like hot irons, attacking and killing from Kuidou Fang respectively.
A blustery, gloomy light Chen Shaobai secretly works together to prepare for the vitality of Bing Xin Ji Xian Fengyun. chaos clock suppresses the red cocoon of the inferno and leaves. Suddenly, in his heart, he pulls his hand and steps back and forth, never escaping from the circle.
Feel the dreamless breath rapidly weakening to two monks, regardless of Chen Shaobai’s quick delivery of the palm post to the secret method.
With the transmission of power, the two men’s faces are rapidly aging, and soon they become old and middle-aged. Although they have paid a lot of money, they have hung up their dreams, and it will take some time to rest and they can recover again.
Hua Ye asked Chen Shaobai next to him, "Brother Chen, are you hurt?"
"No" Chen Shaobai stared at a distant place with his head down.
"Then how do you …" Spend the night some don’t quite understand Chen Shaobai terminating would let go of the dream line.
Is to let go
He believes that Chen Shaobai has the ability to destroy these three great monks.
Chen Shaobai suddenly closed his eyes and spent the night while maintaining the absolute jǐng admonitions, but he also closed his eyes and listened carefully.
There was no sound except whistling in the ears and heavy breathing. Just as he was about to open his eyes, a line of proverbs flowed slowly through his heart.
"fame and fortune when Hugh? Get up early and stay up late.
Riding a donkey, riding a mule, thinking about a fine horse, the prime minister of the official residence looks at princes
Worry about food and clothing, worry about Yan Jun, and take the hook.
The shadow of the sun figure riches and honour is more willing to turn back. "
This slightly plain passage didn’t disappear with life in my mind, and a feeling of comfortable satisfaction rippled in my chest. The murder of three monks in the night also disappeared unconsciously and slowly fell to the ground and sat down.
He is willing to sit around like this all the time, find his true self in eternal peace, and find the road to heaven
"There are immortals, immortals, demons, demons, buddhas and buddhas. It’s not that you don’t wake up!"
Chen Shaobai also fell to the ground, but he ran mana to secretly control Bing Xin’s tactic and burst out.
Your support is my great motivation.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Calculate the past
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Calculate the past
"If donor Chen Huigen comes to Ri with the practice of Lao Na, it is expected that he will learn to reveal his magical powers and become a literary fruit."
They found the source and looked at an old monk dressed in patchwork, who was holding a bamboo stick in the fray.
The old monk looks ordinary and strange, without Zhuang Yan’s treasure or monstrous magic. His face is a little dim, and the only place where he shines is his name "wisdom".
However, as soon as I saw him, the two tantric monks seemed to have seen a cat and a mouse, and immediately bounced up and took a photo. "My brother didn’t feel/didn’t see the first Tibetan Xuan!"
Hearing this name, Chen Shaobai’s pupil instantly contracted into a dangerous needle, and the mana flowed like boiling oil, like a fire burning him. He secretly transported the celestial vitality and swordsmanship and was always ready to escape.
Among the Zen elders in Xuanshan Mountain in Tibet, the powerful "Heaven and Dharma Realm" is equivalent to quenching the spirit and completing the magical power, and the one who is called the true Buddha on the land.
Although Tantric Buddhism and Zen Buddhism have always been at odds, when Chen Shaobai wanted to kill, he was caught by his elders. In any case, he had to make a speech about breaking the door before Zang Xuan, and Chen Shaobai also found fault with each other maliciously.
Even with the background of Qing Xuanmen, Chen Shaobai is still not very assured that these magical powers are extremely strong. After all, he once killed an elder on Star Island and wiped out a vein of blood. He even fought for the title of Dawei Tianlong. Isn’t this also alive and well?
Most of the advanced Buddhists have all kinds of magical powers, but Chen Shaobai is not surprised that Zang Xuan knows his name.
"I wonder if Chen Shi has an idea?" For the two younger generations of the same school, they turned a blind eye to the Tibetan Xuan, but they didn’t feel round. They kindly continued to ask.
"is it true what he said?" Chen Shaobai is so stupid.
Breaking the door and betraying the teacher without saying the name, even if the demons swear, they will follow their generation like tarsal maggots.
Among them, even people with a lack of IQ can make a choice. Chen Shaobai almost disdains to answer, but he can’t see through the strength and terror in front of him, but the old monk makes him have to consider the language and irritate the other side.
Although he is a monk in Qing Dynasty, he has devoted himself to practicing for hundreds of years and has come up with a size many times larger than him. The realm is profound and terrible, and it is definitely not a shrimp like him to deal with.
"Look at this hidden xuan sample doesn’t seem to be joking. Do I really have the talent to be a monk? However, once you enter Buddhism, you have to cut off all the fetters of the world of mortals and give up the seven emotions and six emotions. Even if you become immortal, what’s the fun! "
Secretly bitter in my heart, but Chen Shaobai still considered some words and respectfully made a ceremony for the younger generation, which was neither too flattering nor frivolous. The attitude was just right. "I admire the Buddhism of the elder of Zangxuan, J Ο ng Zhan, who has a universal heart, but the teacher treats me well. How can I do that apostasy?"
"’love’ is a possession, a holding and a bitter source. We practice Buddhism and pay attention to compassion. As the saying goes, sorrow can pull out bitter coke. If you appreciate it carefully, you can prove it together."
The old monk seems to be quite interested. After he patiently and gently explained it, he smiled and looked at Chen Shaobai. "There are not many people who can be your master in Huigen Ruyuan World. I will see if your so-called master has the way of xing."
His eyes like the morning sun through the fog, through the night, through the layers of obstacles, through the bones and bones, directly fell into the dark sea of knowledge in Chen Shaobai

The face of Shaoyang Shenjun is also a little heavy. In fact, his pressure is the greatest at this time. Other people’s lairs are far away in the Central Plains, and the strategic space is huge. Only his Zhu detached from the palace and hung out overseas. If anything goes wrong, his hundreds of years of hard work will be destroyed, and his disciples don’t know how many they will die.

Yi Yudao: "Now the Xiji Sect is ready to wait. I wonder what the Shaoyang God can do?"
Shaoyang Shenjun looked stiff and said, "What else can we do? Naturally, the enemy will have means to resist water. And now, from it, many Taoist friends have helped to fight, and they will definitely not let the demons of the West Pole religion take any advantage! "
Yi Yu raised his glass and said, "I admire your spirit and being original! A toast to Shenjun! " After drinking, Yi Yu added, "It’s just … if so, I’m afraid Zhu Li, the emperor of God, will suffer heavy casualties! Even if you are not ready for the strength of the Western Religion, you must not take a peek! "
In fact, how can these young gods not understand this! However, in the West Sea, why should he give up grinding the ball island to avoid the enemy? In the face of this dilemma, he is also helpless to choose hard to shake.
The old man Cang Xu asked, "I wonder if Taoist Yi Yu has any clever plans?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "The clever plan can only reduce the loss of Zhu Li, the God of Shaoyang, and it can be regarded as some compensation for the accidental killing of the Five Fire Ambassadors in Yuanjiang that year!"
When Shaoyang Shenjun heard Yi Yu, he also mentioned the five fire messengers, and his face changed. But at this time, Yi Yu’s expression was sincere, but there was no hint of provocation, and he was not good at it.
Cang Xu’s old man seems to be afraid that Shaoyang Shenjun can’t help but hurry up and ask, "What can I do if I can’t stop being a Taoist friend?"
Yi Yudao said, "Presumably, the two Taoist friends should also know that there is a powerful Sect called Christianity on Luoma Mountain in the west of Xiji Sect. They were originally from the same root as Xiji religion, and only after they separated did they become two factions. However, the relationship between these two factions is not good. There are countless deaths and injuries all the year round, and there must be a lot of hatred. "
Both Shaoyang Shenjun and Cang Xu’s old man were stupefied. Although they had heard of the existence of a Christian church in the west and had seen disciples experience in the East in the past, they really didn’t know what the distant sect was like. In fact, it doesn’t mean that they really don’t know the existence of the Vatican, but the idea of going to heaven and going to the country in the East has even penetrated into people’s bones, and even those who fix the truth can’t avoid customs. In their minds, the unknown faction far away in the west is no longer considered.
The old man Cang Xu said, "So it’s also true that the enemy of the enemy is an ally. If the Holy See can help contain the West Pole in the rear, it will definitely reduce the pressure and minimize the losses."
Although Shaoyang Shenjun is proud, his face lit up at the thought of saving more disciples’ lives.
The old man Cang Xu added, "It’s just that we old men have never dealt with the Vatican. Since Taoist friends put forward this plan, how about asking Taoist friends Yi Yu to go again?"
Yi Yu waved his hand and smiled: "I’m afraid this won’t work!"
Both of them turned pale and the old man asked, "Oh? Is there anything to hide from Taoist friends? "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "No! In fact, if you go to the Vatican, you can ask him to help us contain the West Pole and teach me Yi Yu. It doesn’t matter even if you run ten times. Just … "
"Just how?" Shaoyang Shenjun finally couldn’t help but ask urgently.
Yi Yu sighed, "It’s not that I don’t want to go, but even if I go to Luoma Mountain and meet their pope, I can’t get any promises!" "
The old man who has been practicing seclusion all the year round doesn’t know much about the situation in the West, let alone the feud between the Vatican and the Western Sect. Doubt: "Why is this a sworn enemy?"
Yi Yudao said, "Just now, you two also read the information I brought about about the Western Sect! Obviously, the western religions are not ready for war now, but why did they choose to start a war at this time? !”
Two people one leng in the past, they also don’t know the current situation of XiJi teaching nature didn’t think about this problem now Yi Yu doubt just gave birth to suspicion.
Yi Yudao: "Although the West Pole taught itself that it didn’t want to go to war, some people insisted that they invade the East!"
The pale old man and Shaoyang Shenjun both looked surprised and said, "Daoyou means …"
Yi Yu nodded and said, "Besides the will of their father God above, who can make the Xiji Sect go to war so recklessly?"
Shaoyang Shenjun said, "If that’s the case … then the Vatican also believes in agreeing with the gods of the West Pole. It is impossible for them to help us contain the West Pole, and they may even receive orders from the gods to help us."
Old Cang Xu said, "I’m sure Taoist Yi Yu won’t say anything unnecessary to us! Since he proposed the existence of the Holy See, there must be a way to involve the Holy See in this matter. " If you want to know what will happen next time, please see "There are other plans to save the virgin"

The three hundred and ninety-ninth back to save the virgin another calculation.
Back to Yi Yufei’s visit to Moqiu Island, he gave them all the information about Xiji religion from Helitan. It’s just that now, in the face of the West Pole religion, Zhu is the first to leave the palace, and once the war starts, it will be a river of blood.
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "To tell you the truth, I do have a way, but it’s not aboveboard enough."
Although Shaoyang Shenjun is upright, he is not pedantic: "Taoist friend, but it’s okay to talk about what is aboveboard before the people’s righteousness!" Moreover, the ancient warrior sage once said that’ the soldiers are also cunning’ and there is no need to talk about morality between the warring parties. "
Yi Yu gave me a comforting smile and said, "In that case, being original is outspoken! Presumably, you two don’t know that a saint in the Vatican has been hijacked by the West Pole Professor! "
Two people slightly one leng immediately understand Yi Yu is to want to make an issue of the saint. Asked: "I don’t know what your friends have up their sleeves? Do you want to kill the saint and arouse the anger of the Vatican? "
Yi Yu shook her head and said, "If you really kill the Saint, it will be a war of words at most. Even if the interests to be contested have disappeared, there is no need to fight again. Therefore, killing must not work. We can only use this saint to make those people in the Vatican feel that Xijijiao has betrayed their father God. Only in this way will they be desperate to fight against Western Christianity. "
The old man said, "Oh? Then how can the Holy See think that Western Christianity has betrayed? "
Yi Yudao: "Well … I haven’t thought about it yet, but in any case, if we want to make a fuss about it, we must first take the virgin into the hands of Tao, otherwise everything will be a pipe dream."
"It’s a good idea, but where is the virgin now?" said the God Shaoyang. How can we rob it? I am afraid this is not an easy problem to solve! "
Yi Yudao: "As for where the virgin is, I have sent someone to check it out. I believe that news will come soon. As for how to snatch it, it depends on the situation! "
With Yi Yu, a method that is still uncertain, Shaoyang Shenjun also relaxed his mind a little, which is not so urgent. After that, the atmosphere at the banquet was also harmonious. After the banquet, Shaoyang Shenjun personally sent Yi Yu to a clause for his temporary residence.
It hasn’t been half an hour since I sent the Shaoyang Shenjun and the Cangxu old man away! I saw the pale old man coming again. Yi Yuzheng was sitting in the hall drinking tea, and seemed to have expected that he would visit. He stood up and greeted him with a smile: "Cangxu Daoyou please sit down quickly! I knew you would come again. "
Old Cang Xu smiled and said, "But some Taoist friends are being bothered! It’ s just that the last appointment in Yuanjiang has been over this old man and I have to worry! "
Yi Yu smiled and sipped at the tea ceremony: "Taoist friends want to see Princess Yangzi naturally, and they can see it at any time!"
"Then please ask Yi Yudaoyou to lead the way quickly!" This pale old man got up and left!
Yi Yu smiled and said, "This is not urgent. To be honest, Yang Zi is in my’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ at this time, and I can come out to meet you as soon as I want. "
The old man was slightly stunned and said, "I don’t know what the relationship is between you and Princess Yangzi. How can she be here?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Well! If it is said that our relationship is quite close. "
The old man was slightly dissatisfied with Yi Yu’s ambiguous answer to Moling. But nowadays, it is people who want something, but they are not picky. "All right! No matter what your relationship with your highness is. Now that you are here, please arrange for me to meet her as soon as possible! "
Yi Yudao: "This is natural. Now that I have promised Daoyou, I won’t go back on my word. It’s just that I have just said that the relationship between Yang Zi and me is very close, which means I can’t allow her to be in any danger! "
"You don’t trust me!" Pale empty old man slightly show the color of healing exclaimed.
Yi Yu is not shy. Directly nodded and said, "Although it may make Taoist friends feel unhappy, it is also a fact. Daoyou neither shows the relationship with Yang Zi nor the purpose of seeing her. How can this not make me doubt? If Taoist friends can make all this clear. Being original is also unambiguous. How about asking Yang Zi to come out and meet his Taoist friends at once? "
The pale old man looked stiff and said, "Now that I have said this, I won’t be afraid! To tell the truth, I don’t trust you either! If you are famous in the field of fix true, I’m afraid demon fairy Yi Yu is not a trustworthy gentleman! How can you make me trust you unilaterally? And what if I tell the whole story about myself in case you cheat me? Although I think highly of myself, but your background is too thick, then Li Jingxiu and Zhu Mei are not easy to be with their peers and have a lot of wives who are not to be taunted. I can only eat a dumb loss! "
Yi Yu smiled helplessly: "Well! The words of Taoist friends are also very polite, but what if I have a guarantor? "
"who?" In fact, the old man is not willing to fall into this waiting situation at this time. Now he is naturally happy to see Yi Yu and the solution.
Yi Yu said, "The Great Master Weng won the early Qing Dynasty! I don’t know if Taoist friends can be trusted? "
The pale old man was slightly stunned and said, "What! You mean! You mean the big drink offering! Lord Weng! How is that possible? She was not given by the overlord of Chu … "
"Kill, right?" Yi Yu will win Qing Chu from the’ pure land of bliss’ with a wave of his hand. "Do you know this person at the beginning of Qing Dynasty?"

Li Ma said, "It’s the young master!"

Even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze got up and Jessica Fong Ching got up and laughed. "Just meet your cousin!"
The words sound just fell and two men came in from the outside.
The other party is his cousin. Even Fang Zhou glanced at it in a hurry and then he lowered his eyelids. He will see an outline. The master Su Jinghe, who is in his mid-twenties, looks very good, but he brings some evil bosses or rich brothers to generate cynicism.
"You’re back! Hey, cousin is here! " Jessica Fong Ching couldn’t help but take a look at Su Jinghe and didn’t good the spirit. "Why didn’t you say so earlier?"
Even Fang Zhou is a maiden. She is here to meet her cousin-in-law, but it’s a bit bad to meet other men.
"I didn’t know you had guests here!" Su Jinghe smiled at Lian Fangzhou and Lian Ze and lost interest. "Then you are busy with Min and I first, and I will come back to you later!"
"You wait!" Jessica Fong Ching stopped him and was about to introduce him to his cousin Lian Fangzhou, but he heard his husband’s cousin "Ah!" She smiled and said, "Girl, we meet again!"
Even ze couldn’t help but look up and stare at him coldly. His sister wasn’t teasing.
Even Fang Zhou looked up at this sound, and Cui Shaoxi’s handsome face full of smiles suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. Her heart jumped and she was surprised. "It’s you!"
"Ha ha ha! It’s not me! " Cui Shaoxi burst out laughing.
Even Fang Zhou resisted the urge to roll his eyes and smoked his heart. I really don’t know what you have to be proud of!
"Oh, so you know each other!" Su Jinghe, look at this. Look at that eyeball. Hey, hey, laugh for two times. Before you finish laughing, you take a breath and it hurts!
Jessica Fong Ching twisted his apricot eyes and stared at him mercilessly. Su Jinghe wanted to distinguish what but eventually turned into a pleasing smile. Jessica Fong Ching snorted and ignored him.
Cui Shaoxi and Lian Fangzhou over there happen to coincide and say
Fang Qing and Su Jinghe just don’t understand one leng.
Jessica Fong Ching went to their brothers and sisters and took Lian Fangzhou’s hand and smiled. "This is my cousin, cousin!" The Su Jinghe took one look and added, "This is your cousin! This, uh, is your cousin’s cousin, so you can also be called a cousin. "
Even Fangzhou and Lianze automatically ignored the sentence behind Jessica Fong Ching and saluted Su Jinghe and called "Cousin!" Call Cui Shaoxi "Biao Gong"
"Li Li! Ha ha! This is a relative of our family. How come I have never heard you talk about it! " Su Jinghe smilingly raised my hand and asked Jessica Fong Ching.
"Our two families haven’t seen each other for many years!" Jessica Fong Ching gently sighed and pushed Su Jinghe with a smile. "Come on, if you have something to do, go first!"
Su Jinghe hasn’t left Cui Shaoxi yet. She has sat down and walked over and said, "We have nothing to do but come and chat with our wives! My wife won’t kick us out, will she? "
Cui Shaoxi is obviously familiar with Su Jinghe and Jessica Fong Ching, and speaks very casually. It’s really impossible for Jessica Fong Ching to drive him away with a smile.
But in front of the cousins’ previous topic, it’s obviously inconvenient to continue. Jessica Fong Ching thought about it, and he already had a dispute in his heart. Then don’t say it first. Anyway, he originally planned to let them stay for two days. Sometimes! Then he smiled and asked Lian Fangzhou’s brother and sister to sit down and laugh. "So let’s talk!"
It’s a pity that Jessica Fong Ching felt that the topic was inconvenient to continue, but some people didn’t recognize it so much. As soon as everyone was seated, Cui Shaoxi smiled and asked, "Just now, I vaguely heard at the door that twelve thousand concubines wanted so much silver to do something big?"
Jessica Fong Ching looked sluggish, and even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze secretly exchanged glances. Even Fang Zhou scolded Cui Shaoxi in his heart. Does this person have any eyesight? What does he mean? What is his heart!
In fact, Su Jinghe and Jessica Fong Ching also have wonderful stories, but I don’t think we should talk about it here. After that, we will meet again ()
Su Jinghe took a surprised look at Cui Shaoxi and then at Jessica Fong Ching. "Why didn’t I hear that? 10,000 ambiguous is not a small amount. Sunny, what are you going to do? " "Of course, I support whatever you do."
Jessica Fong Ching gave him a white trail. "It doesn’t matter whether you support it or not!"
Su Jinghe just laughed, as if the more she was robbed by her daughter-in-law, the happier she became.
Jessica Fong Ching heart dark sigh words even so, but Cui Shaoxi since heard an ear, ask out again, she just want to say also not line service road "not what I want to do is my cousin to borrow".
Cui Shaoxi and Su Jinghe just opened their eyes one leng.
Su Jinghe touched his forehead and smiled "Oh" for a few words.
Even Fang Zhou watched Su Jing and his expression nervously. If he changed his face and showed disapproval, it would be more difficult for her to borrow it! After all, twelve thousand is not a small sum of money. Even if he doesn’t know that Jessica Fong Ching must discuss with him at the moment, he may even ask Sue’s master and wife!
See Su Jinghe didn’t show any unhappiness and refused to Cui Shaoxi. She was just surprised and secretly put it in half.
Even Fangzhou couldn’t help sighing in her heart that borrowing money was not a good job!
She vowed never to borrow money from anyone again.
Jessica Fong Ching smiled softly at even Fangzhou and said, "This is not an outsider. Let’s go on with what we just said! It doesn’t matter what you think! "
Su Jinghe then laughed, "Yes and yes, your cousin is right! Just discuss this with her! "
Lian Fangzhou said with gratitude, "Thank you, cousin!" He said to Jessica Fong Ching, "My cousin asked me what I want to do with this money just now. I want to buy land and hire people to grow cotton. I wonder if my cousin has heard that Yu County has also promoted potatoes and cotton in the imperial court this year. I want to try!"
Jessica Fong Ching naturally heard about such a big thing and nodded. "I heard about it, too! However, I have never seen this potato and cotton before, and I have never found out anything, so I abandoned my heart. After all, it has nothing to do with our family! Have you-heard of it? Will there be such an idea? "
I haven’t even heard of Fangzhou sidewalk, but isn’t sweet potato slowly popularized in previous years? However, it is not mandatory to promote sweet potatoes! I thought the imperial court would never lie! There are already sweet potatoes in potatoes, which may not make money. I heard that cotton can make clothes, which may be an opportunity. I want to try it! "
"My girl bravery is quite big but you think too simple? What if it doesn’t work out? " Cui Shaoxi could not help but say
Even Fang Zhou listened to him calling himself a "little girl" and resisted the urge to rush to beat him up and said, "I think it’s worth a try, even if it doesn’t succeed, it’s not a big loss!" I can afford to buy less land there for 12 thousand silver in two or three years at most. "
"I didn’t mean it! Don’t get me wrong! " Cui Shaoxi didn’t expect that even Fangzhou would say this. Suddenly, he was a little anxious and embarrassed. He was a little red in the face and looked at Jessica Fong Ching.
Even Fang Zhou means that he is afraid that she will not explain the twelve thousand! It’s not like she borrowed money from him. Isn’t this explanation an insinuation that he stepped in?
Cui Shaoxi has always been a loose and informal romantic, and he has never seen him before. When Su Jinghe was embarrassed, Fang Qing couldn’t help but laugh and asked Lian Fangzhou, "Cousin is thinking clearly and must want to try?" Do you think that you can really handle that cotton since you have never seen anything before and I don’t know if there is anything special about planting it? "
Cui Shaoxi made fun of himself in a square and sunny way. He felt more ashamed and embarrassed and was frustrated and annoyed. He said, This little girl is really hateful. How can these two tease me sometime?
Embarrassed and in a hurry, he tried to save his brain. "I’ll lend you twelve thousand silver!" If you earn it, I will still lose it! "

The drizzle is hazy, but my eyes are wet.

Chapter 59 Mourning Grass Are you afraid?
It’s already three o’clock in the afternoon after three rounds of drinking and four people drinking
Erxiu chats with mobile phone Q, but just received a K from Liu Yao. The expression is Erxiu’s head sank into the white. What does this mean? What is more, Lu Yao told himself last night that he was going to see October? Who told me that today is so special that it just happened to be Tianyu’s big day to take revenge and implement the plan?
Tianyu drinks the most, and his consciousness is a little fuzzy. He is supported by the most sober little white, while Erxiu and Xiaoyao are talking and laughing. I don’t know if I am drunk.
When they left the hotel, they stopped a taxi and went back to Chenguang Community.
When I got home, Tianyu fell asleep for two wheezes and went back to my room.
Xiao Bai seems to be an innocent person. Open his brain.
The light from the brain screen in the small white eyes highlights a hint of cunning in his eyes.
"Tianyu this person’s mind is not careful enough …" The little white looked back and snored Tianyu’s heart was not thinking of calling him "silly bear" by a first-name basis.
Then Xiao Bai shook his head and sighed, "Let’s see …"
After five o’clock in the afternoon, Mu Xue came back from the outside, and her face was full of "fans", "confusions" and "shadows". She really couldn’t figure out a problem.
"Tianyu!" Mu Xue used to’ sex’ and yelled at Tianyu’s room.
Li Tianyu is Zhuang Zhouqi at this time. Maybe he saw something in his dream and woke up suddenly and replied, "Alas ~"
Xiao Bai felt ashamed and said, "Do they have a heart?"
Tianyu woke up a lot and rushed out to ask Mu Xue, "What’s wrong with Xue?"
"Guess who called me today?" Mu Xue mysterious smile asked.
Tianyu shook his head.
Mu Xue didn’t sell it. He smiled and said, "It was my original company that hid bss. I heard that he was the boss, the housekeeper, and everyone called him Dragon Butler."
Tianyu listened to tilting his head to steal a quick adjustment and asked curiously, "Oh? Why did he call you and say something? "
"Yes, I didn’t believe he was cheating, but I believed him when he told me the names of important people in the company and he wanted me to be the head of the sales department …"
"God has such a good thing? You resigned on your own initiative because of the general manager Guo Yu. Now do you want your sheep’ meat’ to enter the tiger’s mouth again? " Tianyu so angry said
Mu Xue nodded his head and replied, "Well, I refused."
"…" Tianyu Petrochemical immediately said slowly, "Why did you refuse such a good opportunity?"
"I just left Yan’s company soon. It’s not white. I went back and took the position of director of the department. What would my colleagues think? Besides, my ability is not enough to manage. At most, I can grind my teeth with customers and have a war of words. "Mu Xue said seriously.
Tianyu thoughtful finally nodded his head.
After dinner, Tianyu went back to his room and Xiaobai went to Erxiu, where his head was still heavy because of Erxiu. It seems that he really drank too much, but his brain network.
"Are you there? Check qq mail, I gave you the video. "
Tianyu just qq when he received a message from poison elder sister.
"Video?" Tianyu muttered a little, opened his qq mailbox, and really received two videos from poison elder sister.
"What is this video?" Tianyu message replied
Tang Xiguo had finished school at this time and just replied in front of his head, "haven’t you seen it yet?" It’s just that the demonstration videos of mourning grass clothes and ice robes have recorded good results several times. Because you are’ quite’ and have ideas for you, I want to listen to your opinions. If there is no problem, we will take these two videos after receiving the goods. "
"Well, I’ll have a look first." Tianyu immediately replied.
Then click on the video
It’s a red-eyed opponent with a meteor knife. It’s a devil may cry.
The devil may cry wearing armor is just a grass vest of mourning.
The red god is very sharp. A mountain collapse hit and then a flat cut started. It also triggered the meteor knife effect and a meteorite fell.
And the devil may cry was chopped by red eye, and then a wailing grass was planted in the ground, which obviously triggered the special effect of wailing grass vest
Fruit wailing grass was attacked by fire’ sex’ too knife meteor and immediately exploded, which also caused damage to red eye and caused the ghost to cry and float to the ground.
This video is based on the red-eye attack, and the main devil may cry is like a target. The effect of the grass vest is easy to trigger.
Five sorrowful grass fruits were planted in one field, and all exploded, interrupting the red-eye combo.
If it weren’t for the wailing grass explosion, you would have been able to withstand the red-eye combo at most.
Tianyu closes this video and opens another video.
This time, it’s a video of sword soul versus red eye.
However, the sword soul level is 4, and the red eye is 53.
That ice robe is worn on the red eye.
The video was played five times in almost three minutes, and an average of one game could trigger the effect of ice robes twice. The ghost in the sword soul hit a few red eyes and was frozen.
Tianyu frowned after reading it and typed to poison elder sister, "Is the optical video too monotonous?"
"It seems a bit monotonous," Tang Xiguo replied quickly.

Maoershi looked at Pikachu, a brave fool, with a lot of meaning.

It is estimated that Pikachu will not be called Pikachu in a short time.
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed! ! !
[Team] I’m stewing pig’s trotters! I’m here!
[Team] Stew pig’s trotters and touch their heads/Hey, hey, I’m kicking the pavilion while eating.
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters can be * */But today’s food is delicious ~ so …
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
It’s hard to say when you see this. You can’t say endure when others haven’t eaten! Don’t eat!
That’s inhuman
[Team] Cat Ear Niang, go and go!
Say but a face of disgust.
Zuo Tangtang is also very embarrassed.
Today, it is rare to eat delicious food brought by Su Orange from her aunt’s house, and even more rare is that Su Orange washes the dishes.
Although she is often a housewife, she really doesn’t want to do it when she thinks about the huge pile of dishes coming out of the dining room table because of cooking and putting them in the refrigerator.
"Left pig! Are you ready? " Far away, Su Orange is ringing in the kitchen.
"hey ~ horse!" Zuo Tangtang smilingly looked at the brain screen and ate delicious food. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that I didn’t know what medicine I had taken wrong today and I became extremely diligent. Su Orange Bee felt that everything was great.
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters can be * */wait a minute ~
Zuo Tangtang picked up the dishes and went to the kitchen.
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters hehe ~ I’m really sorry ~ Cats ~ Pikachu ~
[Team] Cat Ear Niang is fine ~ Come and call quickly ~
What can I say now that a sister has said it’s okay? Pikachu sighed at the thought, but he was not in a hurry anyway.
[Team] Pippi Pikaqiu pits goods!
But this kind of word can still be said.
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters, hehe ~
Zuo Tangtang continued to giggle and play soy sauce. She had no feeling for some words for a long time.
Pikachu used to have one more fighting power now, so how can the speed of kicking the pavilion be accelerated?
Moreover, after all, the strength of this sister Mao Erniang is still enough to see, so the output of this pig’s trotters stew with her should not be weak
Pikachu thought it was beautiful.
Without knowing that he was completely wrong.
This Nimagan hasn’t changed, this output!
He’s very aggressive, beating the monster, looking at the cat ear mother, and also carrying the monster.
What about the pig’s trotters stew?
Is it time to hang up again?
Pikaqiu turned around in the same place only to find that the pig’s trotters were stewed there, and he was desperately killing the strange ones!
Then what’s going on?
He feels that this speed root has not risen!
Challenge success!
As usual, several big characters appear in the center of the screen.
This time, Pikachu didn’t pursue the speed as usual, hit the right-hand power challenge and quit directly, but waited for the successful challenge and then went to the power challenger after the animation was completed.
See everyone’s output
Pit goods!
This is a real rip-off!
Pikachu said to himself.
Can you ignore the three people’s output of pig’s trotters after stew?
If he hadn’t taken a special look at this nima when he was fighting monsters, he would really be playing soy sauce!
Well, it coincides with the name of the pig’s trotters stew gang.
Pikachu touched Ba and thought of it.
Slap yourself on the head.
What do you want to do at this time?
Since this pig’s trotters stew has no output, just like this
[Team] Pippi Pikaqiu trotters!
[Team] Pig’s trotters stew/huh?
[Team] Pippi Pikachu, wait for you to let the blood suck, don’t hook it.
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters. Oh, oh, good.
Zuo Tangtang has always been so-called about these arrangements. Although she is a chengguan, she likes hooks very much.
The overall situation is heavy ~
Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help applauding his understanding.
Sure enough, in the case of Zuo Tangtang’s meager output, she was asked to suck blood, which reduced their speed of kicking the gym after boss released the big move to eat blood medicine, which increased by a Pikachu level.
Finally, after nearly two hours of tossing, three people kicked the pavilion for the last time and came out from the golden lily Shenyang to be continued.
Ps ~ I’m sorry ~ Last night, a bean was unlucky enough to get sick again. Today, I lay down for a day and sent it late ~ I’m sorry ~
[131] Chapter one hundred and thirty-three The first man in heaven]
[Team] Pippi Pikaqiu, well, the first-level pavilion is finished, and the second-level pavilion is too tired.
Pikachu said and looked at the crazy word labels in front of the names of the two people.

Mirante is a young goalkeeper trained by Juventus, but with Buffon holding the main goalkeeper for a long time, it is obviously impossible for him to get a chance.

So he has been on loan everywhere. Last season, he played as a substitute goalkeeper in Sampdoria and had 13 appearances.
As a substitute goalkeeper, he should always win over the two who were transferred from the youth team.
When Prandelli later became the head coach of the Italian national team, mirante was also successfully selected for the Italian national team and became an international.
In terms of strength, no problem.
Changsheng intends to put pressure on Handanovic. He can’t always stimulate him with Handanovic’s car, can he? We still need to find a reliable substitute goalkeeper. In this way, mirante came.
With a reliable substitute goalkeeper, I believe Handanovic will not dare to lose his motivation casually.
Chapter 9 This is a signal
After Stendardo, another Lazio backup central defender, Campagnaro, also found a new home.
Inter Milan paid 5 million plus players to buy Campaya Niaro.
Two central defenders were sold in one breath, leaving only three central defenders in Lazio, Jose Passareira and Pa Wen, and chiellini.
Two people start, and only one person substitutes.
This is obviously not possible.
But it doesn’t matter, Changsheng is prepared.
Campagnaro brought him 10,000 euros from Wu Bai and another central defender.
Leonardo bonucci.
This central defender, who will be the main force of Juventus and Italy in the future, is not taken seriously at this time.
In 2005, 18-year-old bonucci moved from Viterbo Club to Inter Milan, but he only got one chance to play in Serie A.. Although he is tall, excellent in heading, large in defensive area and good in speed, his performance is not stable enough because he is too young and inexperienced.
Last season, he was loaned to treviso to play in Serie B. In treviso, he played 26 games and scored two goals.
Later, the young central defender went to Bari, where his excellent performance attracted the attention of Juventus. The old woman took him to the Alpine Stadium.
He became the top central defender in Serie A there, was selected for the national team, and quickly became the main central defender of the national team.
He and chiellini are both main central defenders in Juventus and the Italian national team.
But now, Changsheng has moved the pair to Lazio.
Bonucci and chiellini will play more games from this season.
In this way, Changsheng not only streamlined the original lineup of five central defenders, but also gained a transfer fee of 10 million.
The level and potential of chiellini and bonucci are better than those of Stendardo and Campagnaro, which is a good deal.
Then last season, nocerino, who was used by the media to shoot the winning streak, also left the club. He needed a first-team position, but this was obviously impossible in Lazio.
Palermo just came to me, hoping to get nocerino.
Nocerino can’t afford to sell because he doesn’t have many chances to play in Lazio.
But Changsheng is not willing to deal with it cheaply.
It occurred to him that nocerino played in Palermo and then went to AC Milan.
Of course, it is very cheap for him to go to AC Milan from Palermo, and the transfer fee is only 500 thousand euros plus half the ownership of a young player.
Changsheng doesn’t understand what this is all about.
But if nocerino went to AC Milan from his own side … If he didn’t kill AC Milan, he would be sorry for the identity of the passer!
Thinking of this, Changsheng had an idea.
He replied to Palermo Club, 3.5 million euros, half ownership of nocerino. Are you interested?
After a few days’ discussion, Palermo returned to winning, and they agreed to the price.
Nocerino will also move to Palermo in the new season, having acquired half of the ownership of nocerino for 3.5 million.


Chapter four hundred and twenty-four Suicide
If you want to kill someone before, it is impossible for this kind of thing to happen to the demon family, because their lives are more valuable than human lives, but now it is not before or now, and it is an era when human beings in the Tianlan demon world are changing their minds!
All those people who were extremely helpful to the arrival of help from the Zhengxian Society really didn’t mean anything about their voices. They really wanted to kill the golden lion.
Xiao Wen naturally won’t show mercy, but one hand presses the right fist of the golden lion’s neck, which is about to hit him, but it’s right. The crazy and playful eyes of the golden lion immediately raise a sense of strength. Obviously, the golden lion knows born to die and is not afraid of death. The golden lion told Xiao Wen in his eyes to kill it and Qian Qian to come out with it.
These unscrupulous low-level monster beasts have brought great trouble to Zhengxian Society in recent days! The most tenacious resistance of zhengxianhui to lead the rise of mankind is from the lowest level of demon race. This situation is really unexpected for those high-level officials of zhengxianhui.
There was a strong smell of blood in his nose, and Xiao Wen could tell how many people the golden lion had killed, but even if it killed one, it wouldn’t spare it!
Punch out!
Xiao asked the physical strength to punch through the head of the golden lion!
The eye golden lion will die in Xiao Wenquan Zhengxian Club, and those low-ranking monks and ordinary people have their hearts tightened because they can finally get revenge.
However, in the middle of this time, there was a sudden cry "Wait!"
Xiao asked immediately stopped listening to the sound and turned to those low-order monks and ordinary people with puzzled faces.
It was later that the speaker arrived at Xiahou Ren. He never left the gate of the Duke’s mansion and didn’t care about others’ doubts and accusations. His eyes were staring at the golden lion.
The golden lion is dead, and naturally he won’t be afraid of Xiahou Ren, but at that moment, he shivered for no reason and felt a frightening chill.
Golden lion’s eyes are crazy and playful, but Xiahou Ren’s eyes are even crazier and more playful!
With a contemptuous smile, Xiahou Renqing said, "I’ll destroy it."
"Shout …"
They were all holding their breath. They wanted to know that Xiahou Ren had stopped them from hearing such an answer. They were holding their breath in their chests and suddenly spit it out.
Xiao asked is one leng and then did not hesitate to bend his right elbow and directly hit his right forearm flat on the golden lion’s head and directly hit the golden lion unconscious.
"But does anyone know where the lion lives?" Xiahou ren asked
"It’s Whistling Mountain, where the lion lives. It’s seven thousand miles southeast of Huashan Mountain." There is a low-order monk who is a fairy society.
"Let’s go together" Xiahou Rendao
Just after the words fell, there was a golden light rushing out of the Rendan field in Xiahou, and it was more than a mile in the Zhonghua Wing Exhibition.
Now Xiahou Ren is more comfortable in controlling the Golden Body Shengpeng and Thunderstorm God Ape, and can already bring them into Dantian. Although it has not established a blood mark, the progress is still much greater than before.
The Golden Body Shengpeng is like a golden cloud with its wings slowly vibrating and floating in the Lord’s Mansion. Because Huayan Mountain City is too small, the volume of the Golden Body Shengpeng has already exceeded the Lord’s Mansion several times, covering almost half of Huayan Mountain City.
At that time, the city shook and those people in front of the duke’s house were dumbfounded.
Xiahou Ren didn’t care so much and Xiao Wen made an eye for Se, and then both of them wrapped up in Qi Qi Shi Daoli, and all of them teleported to the back of the Golden Body Saint Peng.
"hey! ! !”
The Golden Body Shengpeng rushed out of Huayan Mountain City with a flutter of his wings, and quickly turned into a jin hong and disappeared into the eyes of the people in Huayan Mountain City.
Until now, the Golden Body Shengpeng carried those members of the Zhengxian Society back to God and realized who they were!
Xiahou Ren!
You Kirin, who owns the ninth-order monster beast, has dropped the ninth-order golden body Shengpeng and Thunderstorm God Ape, which have become famous throughout the Tianlan demon world.
What about the other guy?
Judging from its appearance and figure, is it not more famous than Xiahou Ren?
Reminiscent of Tian Lan’s demon world, Xiao Wen, who said that this person could really be Xiao Wen!
Because Xiao Wen is particularly approachable, he doesn’t feel like a hero until he gets along with him for a long time.
This time they turned out to be Xiao Wen and Xiahou Ren!
Excited, excited and trembling, everyone could hardly speak.
In addition to that, the speed of Zhongtian Dunju Golden Body Shengpeng is almost the most 7,000-mile journey in Tianlan demon world, and it will soon take everyone to Whistling Mountain.
Xiao Shan Zhan Shi Tian Lan demon lion clan is excellent in fighting. At the peak of Xiao Shan, there was a fairy king, a fairy house and more than a dozen immortals. However, the peak of Xiao Shan Zhan Shi has long passed, and it’s even worse. In the past six months, there have been many battles between the gods and the immortals.
Nowadays, there are no more than ten big immortals in the roaring mountain and lion fairy house, and the rest of the low-ranking ones are not too many.
After coming to Xiaoshan, only a few stars can be seen in the field of vision, and the rest should be hidden in the dark to practice or rest
After the Golden Body Shengpeng stopped at Gao Hou, Xiahou Ren took the dizzy golden lion in his hand with one hand, and the golden lion woke up with his eyes open.
At first, the golden lion was a little confused, and then he recognized where it was now.
Xiahou Ren smiled at the Golden Lion and then exhaled outward without any hesitation.
"Whistling mountain lion clan, listen, I’m a fairy meeting Xiahou Ren! Our Zhengxian Society has made a pact of non-aggression with Liangshan Demon League, but your fighting lion suddenly rushed into Huayan Mountain City to kill and kill dozens of our Zhengxian Society! I didn’t punish Xiahou for coming to destroy you. Don’t forget this genocide after you die. It’s because of this lion. You can also turn a spectre into a ghost to seek revenge with Xiahou. I’m always waiting! "
Don’t wait for the roaring mountain and the lion clan to react. Xiahou Rendantian’s green Se Lei Guang suddenly rushed out in the middle, gathering more and more, and finally turning into a thunderstorm ape!
"roar! ! !”
Thunderstorm god apes face upwards whistling a shock mountain forest and then suddenly rushed straight right fist Lei Guang has been dazzling to let people look straight!
The light continues to condense into several green and white arcs, which spill out from the right fist of the Thunderstorm Ape, and slowly swing like strips of live thunder tentacles. The Thunderstorm Ape is getting faster and faster and closer to the ground!
Thousands of feet, 600 feet …
"boom! ! !”
Thunderstorm ape’s right fist with a piercing eye finally landed on the ground!
Visible to the naked eye, every ray of light is as thick as a child’s arm when the thunderstorm god ape fist spreads from the valley at a high speed!
Five miles, ten miles, thirty miles, fifty miles! ! !
Whistling mountain is surrounded by mountains and lions all live on the hillside around the mountain in the middle valley. At this moment, the huge valley and the side around the mountain seem to have become another world of light!
This week, those who can’t fly in the Xiaoshan Warrior Lions have been recruited regardless of the realm!
An immortal realm war lion on the southern hillside was shocked at first. When it hit, it tried to hide, but it couldn’t come. Se Guanghua immediately poured out of it and wrapped it all, but it didn’t help because those who touched the target would immediately pull other directions to flow in! Green Se light broke the protective golden light of the war lion without effort and directly touched its flesh! The force quickly poured in and baked it thoroughly, so that it was burnt outside and tender inside and even caught fire!
The fairy realm is still so, not to mention those low-order war lions.
Light comes and disappears quickly, but after it disappears, the mountains around Xiaoshan have undergone earth-shaking changes. How can it be restored?
There are fires everywhere, and the bodies of burnt lions are everywhere. Ordinary beasts are even more fortunate.
When the thunderstorm ape slowly rises from the ground, Xiahou Ren squints at the golden lion around him, and the banter in his eyes is more intense.
The golden lion’s body trembled, and his eyes almost dripped with blood. Just now, the low-order and juvenile lion died after the roaring mountain clan almost died!